Friday, August 6, 2021

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Indian Link’s #MissionJAB # jabwegotvaxxed. Join us in getting vaccinated . Get your photo in lights.

Send us your photo with a thumbs up sign after you have had your jab. WhatsApp 0414 661717 or info@indianlink.com.au. Come on all! Let’s all do it for each other!

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Shiva lingams in the desert

108 Shiva lingams have cropped up on the desert sands of Pushkar in Rajasthan, in the ongoing Hindu holy month of Sharvan. These are the...

How driving rules in Australia vary from state to state

  From double demerit points to different tailgating distances, Australia’s driving laws differ from state to state. Motorists need to stay clued up as some of...

The Pegasus spyware saga reveals India’s colonial hangover

  In the 1830’s Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay set about drafting a piece of legislation that would outlive not just him but also the empire that gave...
Kishwar, Depinder and Justin from MasterChef season 13. Image supplied

MasterChef 2021 has made Australia that little bit more inclusive

  As millions of Australian tuned into the Season 13 MasterChef Australia finale this week, they proved true an adage by Italian-American chef Giada De...
nsw lockdown flickr

On Australia’s bungled vaccine rollout

  The outrage at the Federal government’s mismanagement of the vaccine rollout and poor messaging is palpable. In migrant communities, the discontent will only grow the...

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Indian restaurants jump on the bottled cocktail bandwagon

  If you’ve been doing a celebratory take-away night on say Friday nights this lockdown period, you’ve probably seen bottled cocktails on the menu. Packaged in...

How to create your own sustainable garden at home

  Climate change is a term bandied about a lot these days. Yet much of the discussion remains at the macro level. At the micro-level,...

Back to WFH: Funny tweets about working from home (again)

  Let's face it: for many of us, WFH always sound great... in theory. Whether it's the kids, construction noises outside, or the temptation of...


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