Friday, September 17, 2021

Indian Link’s #MissionJAB # jabwegotvaxxed. Join us in getting vaccinated . Get your photo in lights.

Send us your photo with a thumbs up sign after you have had your jab. WhatsApp 0414 661717 or info@indianlink.com.au. Come on all! Let’s all do it for each other!

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WATCH: Indore influencer dances on road for video, booked by police

  A woman who was filmed running across the road to dance at a busy intersection in Indore, Madhya Pradesh has landed in trouble for...

Vaccine passports in Australia: how will they work?

  Even before any COVID-19 vaccines were invented, vaccine passports for participation in public activities appeared likely. Australia’s plagued vaccine rollout meant such requirements lay in a...
kristina keneally and tu le

The Fowler seat: Another missed opportunity for diversity

  The news of Senator Kristina Keneally being endorsed to run for the safe NSW seat of Fowler is disappointing, yet unsurprising. For context, Fowler is...

Pissing in the public pool

  The knock on the door from the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus has got louder over the past few months. This has seen health...

COVID vaccines: You cannot inoculate against irrational

  Rational thinking reveals that freedom is always contextual. Freedom should always be understood in the context in which it is sought. From an educational...

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21 burps: it’s modak time as we celebrate Ganesha

  “I’m going to burp 21 times,” I would declare to my Ajji, after eating her mouth-watering modaks. Sweetmeat dumplings made with rice flour and some...

Play-based experiences to teach your kids about your cultural festival

  When you think about celebrating festivals, what is the fondest memory that comes to your mind immediately? For me, it’s definitely the fun, frolic and...

Ask Auntyji: To be or not to be Insta-worthy

  Dear Auntyji I am looking forward to going to India in December to get married to my best friend Ravi. We are both studying here...


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