Auntyji on the ethics of cross-racial surrogacy

  Dear Auntyji I don’t know if you have watched a Hindi film on surrogacy on Netflix called Mimi, but I have a question for you...
australia day thong cake

Australia Day: pick your date

  Even before Santa puts his feet up in front of the fireplace, returning from his whirlwind tour dispensing toys to children and spreading the...

Wash your mouth out, Auntyji

Dear Auntyji  Happy new year to you, Auntyji, and I hope 2022 is very successful for you. Have you made any resolutions for this year?...
lilly singh christmas

WATCH: when Santa’s workshop undergoes HR training

  Comedian Lilly Singh is back with another zinger, just in time for Christmas! This time, she tackles HR training at Santa's workshop. "It's 2021 which...
santa letter

‘All I want for Christmas is…’: letters from world leaders

  Following a sluggish year, the world’s second largest toy factory - having lost its premier position to red China years ago - is buzzing...
family christmas

Ask Auntyji: Do I have to visit my in-laws for Christmas?

You ask, Auntyji answers! Tales of Christmas woe and office parties gone wild...
wallpaper of a baby sleeping in their diaper

Ask Auntyji: new parents and their new babies

  Dear Auntyji, Namashkar. I hope you are doing well during COVID. My particular conundrum requires your usual direct and blunt approach - and I would...
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Ask Auntyji: spirituality for beginners

  Dear Auntyji I grew up in a non-religious household. Now in my 60s, I listen to some people who are spiritual and have faith and...
Zooming with camera off. Source: Canva

Ask Auntyji: About Zoom anxiety and needing alone time

Zoom anxiety Salaam Auntyji, I hope you are well during COVID. My name is Saira Rukshana. When I was younger, people called me Saira Banu because...
facetime grandparents

Ask Auntyji: On craving more Facetime with the grandkids

  Dear Auntyji I am the dadi of the most beautiful 2-year-old nanhi pari, but I have a situation with her that I need your guidance...
neeraj chopra ad

WATCH: Neeraj Chopra steals the show in hilarious new ad

  After Rahul Dravid earlier this year, it's now Golden Boy Neeraj Chopra's turn to show off his acting chops. In a new ad for credit...

Ask Auntyji: To be or not to be Insta-worthy

  Dear Auntyji I am looking forward to going to India in December to get married to my best friend Ravi. We are both studying here...

Our hibiscus rights are under attack!

  Disclaimer: No white women were harmed in the making of this piece. However, the characters are not fictional. They are living, breathing, interrupting you,...

Ask Auntyji: Cross border love match

  Border closures…. of a South-Asian kind Dear Auntyji In 2015 I wrote to you with my sad story about meeting the most beautiful girl while at...

WATCH: Monkey helping in the kitchen

  In a new viral video, a little monkey is seen assisting a woman with kitchen chores by prepping the veggies. It appears the she...
jugal chutney indian grandpa snacking habit

WATCH: Indian grandpa’s uncontrollable snacking habit wins hearts online

  Bangalore-based vlogger Nihal Ranjit has been documenting his "diabetic grandfather raid the entire house for snacks he's not supposed to eat" on Instagram and...
Work from Home- Zoom meetings

Ask Auntyji: On sinning and on fake compliments

  Dear Auntyji I need your advice post haste, please. I work in corporate Australia, and because of the nature of work and COVID, we have...
Aussie reactions to 'Om Shanti Om'

Watch: Aussies reacting to Om Shanti Om

  'Om Shanti Om' the classic Bollywood movie renowned for its two hour long plot with numerous dance numbers topped with spicy drama. Check out two...
Auntyji-aliens and barfi

Ask Auntyji: Prayers or service- what’s useful?

Dear Auntyji Last week I was having meatballs and spaghetti for lunch while sitting in the garden with Kaali Billi and Sher Raja (my pet...
The Gucci kaftan.

Gucci kaftan for $3,500 has Indian Twitter trolling

  An ensemble now on sale by the global fashion house Gucci described as a "floral embroidery organic linen kaftan" labelled at $3,500 USD (Rupees...
jugad bot to book a Cowin vaccination slot

WATCH: Using a ‘jugad’ bot to book a CoWin vaccination slot

  In India, vaccination slots are filling up faster than people can book them. The Indian government created a 'lottery' of sorts where people would...

Ask Auntyji: Should I turn vegetarian after all?

  Dear Auntyji I am a 45-year-old man who has been a meat eater for 20 years, except for that one time in 2006 when I...

WATCH: How a van told Goans to ‘stay the f*** at home’

  In Goa, a van drove around Calangute playing a unique jingle to promote staying at home. The jingle goes: Stay the f*** at home Stay the f***...

Auntyji: On smoking and on office politics

  Dear Auntyji One of my neighbours has been irritating me for the last five years and I really need your help in addressing this problem....

WATCH: Millennial Lilly Singh and Gen-Z Maitreyi Ramakrishnan bridge the gap

  Conflicting emojis, pop culture references that nobody gets, and a curious interest in selfies... Is there anything that Gen Z and millennials can agree...
rahul dravid advertisement

WATCH: Bengaluru traffic turns Rahul Dravid into a ‘gunda’

  Rahul Dravid may be known as a gentleman from the gentleman's game, but 'The Wall' seems to have met his match with Bengaluru's traffic. In...
april fools day

LISTEN: Indian Link Radio’s RJ Swati gets an April Fool’s surprise

  It created a buzz in our office when India’s latest YouTube sensation Yashraj Mukhate gave us a heart-warming interview this week. What we couldn't...
dog yoga

WATCH: When your dog won’t let you do yoga

  In our busy lives, it's a blessing to get an hour or two in the day for our personal wellness. Stretch, unwind with some...

Auntyji: On Kareena Kapoor’s baby… and the Royal Family drama

  Dear Auntyji, So everyone knows that Kareena has had her baby, and she still hasn’t told the world the name of the child. Auntyji, are...
Guess The Song rj ekta

LISTEN: Will you be the one to correctly guess this tune?

  Are you good with guessing tunes? Keen ear for rhythm and beats? RJ Ekta might've been able to stump you with this one. She recently...


Let’s Talk Boosters: Indian Link podcast

  In LET'S TALK BOOSTERS, a new podcast series by Indian Link, host Ekta Sharma quizzes Dr Kritman Dhamoon of Blacktown Hospital Sydney about booster...
Frontline worker Parita Patel (inset). Image supplied

‘Serving the community’: COVID testing in remote NSW

  The past two years have been a rollercoaster of COVID-19 related turmoil; from isolating lockdowns, closed borders, to trying to help Indians in the...

Ep 9: What do young Indians want from love?

  Growing up in Indian culture, most of us know that love has never been as popular as marriage. Even in the movies, the main...
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gurpreet singh

#MyWork: Prison officer Gurpreet Singh

  Sydney’s GURPREET SINGH tells RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA about his work with Corrective Services NSW. My job title Deputy Superintendent Classifications and Placement, at the Silverwater Correctional...
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Review: Bhaukaal season 2 (MX Player)

  There is no pre-defined meaning to the title, 'Bhaukaal', but colloquially in the local North Indian lingo, it egoistically means "in one's own style,...

Auntyji on the ethics of cross-racial surrogacy

  Dear Auntyji I don’t know if you have watched a Hindi film on surrogacy on Netflix called Mimi, but I have a question for you...