Man of the match, Mr Claus

  It is well past breakfast time. Santa is still in bed. The bearded guy with a big belly and an appetite to match is...

When desi-to-desi is not easy 

  Dear Auntyji   My wife and I work as software developers, and have lived in Australia for eight years. We really enjoy our roles, however we...

Cleaning obsessed!

  Dear Auntyji We live in an extended household with my parents-in-law. They are fairly young and lovely people. My MIL is only 53 years -...

Auntyji: Bad golf joke

  Dear Auntyji Lately my wife did something that has irritated me no end. Now Auntyji, I think the world of my Shilpa. She is a...

On prayer without service: Auntyji

Dear Auntyji I have a situation from last Diwali that I wanted your rai on. Generally, because I am married to an Australian, I don’t...

On LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts: Auntyji

  Dear Auntyji My husband has been trying to get his business off the ground, and it has been a long struggle for us. But after...

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