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AFL, potluck, working mothers are not evil. Backward thinking is.

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Dear Auntyji

I am in dire need of counselling regarding a potluck lunch with the other Indian ladies in my building. I have heard recently from my son that they are planning to make all sorts of Western food. They are all very modern and allow their sons to play AFL, and their daughters too! Oh my, Auntyji, if you haven’t seen those girls rolling in the mud. Anyway, I wanted to make daal to bring to the potluck but it seems that they will all bring pasta salads and sandwiches, and worst of all, mince pies. I don’t want my children to become so Westernised and think this food is better than good old roti and sabzi. What do I do Auntyji? These ladies all have jobs too, and I don’t want my daughter to think that those kinds of things are important. Please advise what to do?

Auntyji says

Oh my dear Chinmayi laddoo – how smart you are to write to me. I can solve your dilemma for sure, but you will have to listen to me with the darwaza of your dimaag fully open.

To suno. Every day you cook shook for your family, hai na, and I suspect you cook them healthy wholesome desi food like roti sabzi. This is very good – because our desi food is very healthy.

Lekin, ek din ka potluck khaana is not going to make kamzor petals. Ek roz ki to baat hai nah, and you are living in this country and you want your kids to feel like you are open-minded. So, make some samosas and call them pasties. Limit the amount of curry powder and a samosa can easily masquerade as a pastie. It’s a once-off thing and does not mean that your kids are now going to forget all their maan maryada. You have to have a little bit of give and take.

As for the other women having jobs – well, good for them. It’s not for you to judge them.

And as for girls playing AFL – well, sport is good for people. Tell me this, meri gulabo, when you came to this country, what did you think was going to happen? AFL, potluck, working mothers are not evil. Backward thinking is.

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