‘Getting nothing from Australia’: intl students fume at delayed travel plans

  When 24-year-old Rini Dharva heard the news last week of Australian borders reopening to international students and temporary residents, she’d rushed to buy tickets...

Students returning under NSW pilot plan: “We’re looking like fools now.”

  When PM Scott Morrison announced on Monday that Australia was continuing to “safely reopen to the world”, now allowing students and temporary visa holders...

Repeated mistakes: Why they don’t mean you are dumb!

  There are many people who make repeated mistakes - repeated identical mistakes - but are not dumb! How is this possible? Let me explain by way of example. Like...
school kids

Celebrating the social importance of schools

  With the reopening of schools, it has become very evident that the social utility of schools is understated. As students are returning to schools,...
Sydney's Gopal Garg has partnered up with Indian organisations Deepalaya and Nanhi Kali. Image: supplied

Business for good: Sydney’s Gopal Garg on helping teachers in rural India

  For Sydney entrepreneur Gopal Garg, education, charity, and business have all come together in a recent project that is seeing many thousands of lives...
international student

VIC joins NSW, SA to welcome back international students

    A plan for the return of international students to Victoria has been submitted to the Commonwealth for approval. Under the first stage of the...

Leading by exam: Why we need examination reform

  Many educational authorities lead by exam. Nationally we have the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC), the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), the...
Rabindranath Tagore's Visva Bharati university. Source: Twitter

Tagore’s Visva Bharati likely to be part of UNESCO World Heritage Site

  A 30-member delegation team from UNESCO is likely to visit Santiniketan between September 28 and October 3 brightening up the prospect of Rabindranath Tagore-envisioned...

Indian students still in limbo with NSW’s pilot plan for return

  A pilot plan first announced in June has been given the green light by the Commonwealth Government to see the phased return of international...

Learning lost during lockdowns

  There has been a bit of educational debate on learning loss during the extended periods of lockdown. Whilst debate is useful, the focus should...

UWA: Experiences of female academics during COVID survey

  Dr Rashmi Watson from the University of Western Australia is keen to hear as many diverse voices as possible from women (including from India) in...
Former Australian Senator Lisa Singh.

Lisa Singh is new director at Australia India Institute

  Former Australian Senator and the first MP of Indian descent Lisa Singh will soon join the Melbourne-based Australia India Institute as its new Director. Ms...

Why university for school leavers should be free in 2022

  University education in Australia should be free for school leavers in 2022. This is particularly important given several factors that have made it harder...

How to give effective feedback as a supervisor

  Giving good feedback is an art. It can be challenging for supervisors and managers, whether in an educational setting or any other workplace. Our newly...
teenage boy texting

Misogyny in selective entry schools: firsthand experiences

  Last week, Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil was accidentally added to a group chat of South Asian teenage boys and was shocked by the...

Monash Uni and Mumbai’s TISS sign strategic agreement

  Educational ties between Australia and India have been bolstered with the signing of a strategic partnership between Monash University in Melbourne and Tata Institute...
A stressful time for students

Our students need reassurance, and they are getting none

  The current Covid surge and lockdowns in NSW and Victoria, with national State-border closures is having a huge impact on students. Coming later in the...
Himanshu Singh and Maz Zaman

Himanshu Singh’s EdTech start-up wins UNSW’s entrepreneur challenge

  First-year business student Himanshu Singh’s early-stage entrepreneurship idea for an education technology (EdTech) company has won first prize in UNSW’s prestigious Peter Farrell Cup...
sad student

Vaccine woes plague students keen to return to Australia

  Earlier this month, news of the NSW government’s proposed pilot plan to bring back international students received a lukewarm response from Indian students stranded...

9 in 10 LGBTQ+ students say they hear homophobic language at school

  Bills in the federal and New South Wales parliaments have sought to stop teachers talking about gender and sexuality diversity in the name of either religious freedom or...
student with laptop

Scorn over sympathy: on racist comments in online classes

  When I joined the University of Melbourne back in 2017, a lot of friends warned me that Australia was racist to Indians. I took...
children in classroom

Net Promoter Score: New statistic to measure school effectiveness

  The tiresome gloating by schools about the proportion of their students who get top ATAR bands, can easily be remedied by having schools publicly...
parent teacher meeting

How to engage with your child’s school

  After nearly a year of restrictions placed on parents, schools have finally re-opened. Parents can drop little ones off to Year 1, they can...
Director of IIT Kanpur – La Trobe University Research Academy Professor Suresh Chandra Srivastava.

La Trobe Director appointed at IIT Kanpur

  The IIT Kanpur – La Trobe University Research Academy based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has appointed esteemed expert in electrical engineering, Professor Suresh Chandra...
Australian community schools

Govt grants for community schools to promote dual language skills

  The Morrison Government has announced a $10 million community language grants program to increase opportunities for young Australians to learn another language. With a base...
university hazing

Brutal rituals of hazing won’t go away — and unis are increasingly likely to...

  Students enter university as young adults embarking on a new life. Hazing rituals are meant to be a lighthearted initiation into university life that...
Melinda Parker singing with pre-primary kids at Gyanankur

Aussie social worker struggles to keep Pune school afloat

As an 8-year-old, Melinda Parker read Ploughed Under by Amy Carmichael, a story that began her affair with India. "I read about a British single...

Lessons from the Shore muck-up day saga: Making men out of our boys

  Much has been stated in the popular press about the leaking of the Muck-Up day list written by some boys at Shore. The commentary...

10 University courses you’ve probably never heard of

Most uni students slave over books for years in pursuit of lucrative careers, but then others leave the rest of us scratching our heads, writes FARZANA AHMAD

Why students find it hard to write

  There has been much made about falling writing standards in recent times. Numerous academics, teachers, and others have proffered views as to why this...


Let’s Talk Boosters: Indian Link podcast

  In LET'S TALK BOOSTERS, a new podcast series by Indian Link, host Ekta Sharma quizzes Dr Kritman Dhamoon of Blacktown Hospital Sydney about booster...
Frontline worker Parita Patel (inset). Image supplied

‘Serving the community’: COVID testing in remote NSW

  The past two years have been a rollercoaster of COVID-19 related turmoil; from isolating lockdowns, closed borders, to trying to help Indians in the...

Ep 9: What do young Indians want from love?

  Growing up in Indian culture, most of us know that love has never been as popular as marriage. Even in the movies, the main...
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