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Quad virtual leaders’ meeting in March 2021. Source: Twitter

What is the Quad and what’s on their agenda for the Washington summit?

  On Friday, the leaders of Australia, India, Japan and the US will meet in Washington for the first in-person Quad summit. Hosted by US...
Shafali Verma playing for the India women's national cricket team- gender-neutral terms helping women within the cricket sphere of equality. Source: Twitter

Batsman. Batter. How sport is creating new social agendas

  It's just not cricket. It's something better. With the change in cricket terminology from the term “batsman” to “batter”, more serious questions arise about whether bigger...
kristina keneally and tu le

The Fowler seat: Another missed opportunity for diversity

  The news of Senator Kristina Keneally being endorsed to run for the safe NSW seat of Fowler is disappointing, yet unsurprising. For context, Fowler is...

Pissing in the public pool

  The knock on the door from the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus has got louder over the past few months. This has seen health...

COVID vaccines: You cannot inoculate against irrational

  Rational thinking reveals that freedom is always contextual. Freedom should always be understood in the context in which it is sought. From an educational...
Maurice Newman AC

Forget China. India is our future

  India and Hong Kong share a common British colonial history. From the earliest times that connection and free enterprise attracted many Indian merchants to...

The world must not look away as the Taliban sexually enslaves women and girls

  Since the withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan in July, the Taliban have swiftly taken control of large parts of the country....

We’ve lost the trust of Western Sydney and it’s critical we repair it

  Last Saturday, like many people across Western Sydney, I dressed up in my home-made hazmat suit ready to go into battle. Masked up with...
International Olympic Committee.(Photo Courtesy: International Olympic Committee)

Tokyo Olympics: The five-ring party ends

  Olympics 2020 could well have been a blank page in the history of this four-yearly multi-disciplinary global sporting competition. With COVID-19 ravaging the world...

The Pegasus spyware saga reveals India’s colonial hangover

  In the 1830’s Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay set about drafting a piece of legislation that would outlive not just him but also the empire that gave...
Kishwar, Depinder and Justin from MasterChef season 13. Image supplied

MasterChef 2021 has made Australia that little bit more inclusive

  As millions of Australian tuned into the Season 13 MasterChef Australia finale this week, they proved true an adage by Italian-American chef Giada De...
nsw lockdown flickr

On Australia’s bungled vaccine rollout

  The outrage at the Federal government’s mismanagement of the vaccine rollout and poor messaging is palpable. In migrant communities, the discontent will only grow the...
indian economy

Indian economy needs bold vision post COVID-19

  The human cost of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has now been well-documented. The second wave in India has taken the death toll to over...
brisbane india fair

Australia’s Indian community must hold the govt accountable

  It is time the Indian community and many of its self-anointed leaders stood up to the federal government in light of its pronounced bias...
salman khan

Wanted: Salman Khan’s image reinvention

  For Salman Khan fans, this past Eid release was far from the blast they were hoping for. Released in cinemas and for streaming on...
two poor indian children stand on the street

While rich countries experience a post-COVID boom, the poor are getting poorer. Here’s how...

  The latest IMF and World Bank reports show a global economic boom gathering steam. This is thanks to US$16 trillion in fiscal stimulus packages spent mostly across the world’s rich...
A health offcial handles a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in India. Vaccine patents

Why vaccine patents should not be allowed at this time

  There has been much discussion about the vaccine rollout across economically advanced countries and across the developing world. There are only 39 economically advanced...
ians oxygen cylinder india

Amidst the turmoil, a sense of gratitude

  The recent visuals from India, gut-wrenching, paint a picture of the despondency and despair currently being experienced by the citizens. Headlines such as “India gasping...
NSW has recorded two new locally acquired cases of COVID-19.

Why is the response to NSW’s latest case of COVID so different?

  Another case of COVID in NSW from a US returned traveller! The problem to date affects Central and Eastern Sydney, but the whole metropolitan...
stranded aussies

It’s not surprising Indian-Australians feel singled out. They have long been subjected to racism

  In the past five years, the number of overseas-born migrants from India grew more than any other group in Australia, increasing from 449,000 to 721,000. Indian...
Home Minister Amit Shah at an election rally in early April. Source: NDTV

Tone-deaf Indian government fans flames of COVID-19 crisis

  India’s dire COVID-19 plight is a tale of two realities for Modi’s BJP government and its devotees. Even as the world looks on in...
understanding consent

Challenging toxicity: An open letter to my fellow men

  When Brittany Higgins and Dhanya Mani shared with the nation their experiences of sexual assault and abuse, they sparked a movement demanding change to...

COVID-19: India’s vaccine rollout faces tough battles

  “I am terrified about my 80-year-old parents in Pune,” a friend revealed recently. It is a sentiment shared by a large number of Indian-Australians...
NSW SES carrying out a resupply job at Werombi.

The world sees the climate crisis in Australia’s floods. Do we?

  In the late 1980s, while I was a reporter covering one of the mega-cyclones to hit Bangladesh, a government official in Dhaka confided in...
woman wearing ripped jeans

Bare knees and bra straps: why do we keep policing women’s clothing?

  Indian politicians have been known to publicly share some bizarre opinions over the years, but women across the country were stumped by the latest...

The property juggernaut takes off again

  It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. An old adage, this is very true of Australia’s property market. About this time last...
sydney indian community car rally indian community glenwood gurdwara

Big Indians No Chief

  Over the past few weeks, tensions have emerged within some sections of Sydney’s Indian community after a car rally with overtly religious overtures found...

Unwanted COVID anniversary

  It was on 11 March 2020 that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. By that date, the coronavirus which had originated...
aboriginal flag

Indigenous Australians, living without conciliation

  I am a citizen of Australia and yet I am not a citizen of the nation I reside in within Australia. This anomaly affects...
tim paine sledging r ashwin

Masculinity under pressure

  When men are under pressure, their construct of masculinity is both tested and will be evident. Recent examples of this have been seen in the...


Ep 9: What do young Indians want from love?

  Growing up in Indian culture, most of us know that love has never been as popular as marriage. Even in the movies, the main...

Ep 8: Indian links in Indigenous Australian poet Ali Cobby Eckermann’s...

  To celebrate NAIDOC week 2020 (between 8-15 November) I spoke to Yakunytjatjara poet Ali Cobby Eckermann about her time in India where she taught...

Ep 7: In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput

  The torrid and high-octane Sushant Singh Rajput case has been fodder for Indian people and press for the last few months. The actor’s tragic death...
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