Israel-Hamas War: The world at crisis point

  The actions of Hamas on 7 Oct in Israel were barbaric and deserve condemnation in the strongest terms. The killing of  over 1,400 innocent...

Trudeau’s allegations flame communal fires

  While the world watched the very public feud between India and Canada this past week – leaving the allies wondering what their response should...

What it means to be Fijian Indian in Australia

  Growing up in one of Sydney’s most diverse suburbs meant that I was surrounded by a rich tapestry of people and cultures. I warmly...

If you’re ok with ‘Bharat’, you should be ok with The Voice

  India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his compatriots by surprise with his country name plate at the recently concluded G20 summit in New Delhi. There...

G20 plus one minus two

  The recently concluded G20, while having gained a new member in the African Union, could also be in the danger of losing two prominent...

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