The ref has ruled

In today’s world where decisions are microscopically scrutinised with social media trolls ready to pounce, abuse and vilify, being an umpire, a referee or an adjudicator is not an easy job.

What the Canberra shenanigans mean for Aus-India ties

The recent paper on Australia’s India economic strategy by Peter Varghese is a brilliant roadmap of how Australia can work with one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Yet, the low-key launch of the report led to murmurings of a ‘burial’.

Independence Day: Free to be free

On an individual level, we struggle against self-created obstructions in our own minds that keep us from living fully free lives. Identifying these internal and external shackles is the first step towards reclaiming freedom.

Why I teach Premchand to my Australian students

Premchand’s writing is relevant today, because it opens the door for authors such as Omprakash Valmiki who write from the margins. Premchand taught me to read Hindi literature. The list goes on, and fills my office bookshelves. For this, I am grateful to Premchand and wish all readers good fortune on his birth anniversary.
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The politics of curry

I wondered how one could possibly munch curry? The way I understood it, curry, being a liquid, could be eaten with rice or one could even drink it as one did rasam and even sambhar. But there was no way one could munch curry as if it were a biscuit.
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Practice makes perfect?

The idea of ‘perfection’ we seek in our kids’ endeavours from constant practice is deeply flawed. By MOHAN DHALL
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FIFA reflections

It’s done and dusted. France took home the glory, and the drudgery of routine daily life is upon us again after the analysts have all but wrapped up. Looking back at the month-long FIFA World...

Abusing women, abusing power

Heard enough from old white men. Seeing these words on the t-shirt of a fellow public transport user recently left me strangely uncomfortable. I’ve waxed forth frequently about not generalising about people in this manner,...
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Quantico controversy: Does the Priyanka bashing even make sense?

Priyanka Chopra being targeted for an ‘anti-nationalist’ episode of Quantico is a reminder of mob mentality underpinning Indian society. By RITAM MITRA
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Last rites for human rights?

Why are world leaders deliberately turning a blind eye to countries blatantly flouting their citizens’ human rights? Asks PAWAN LUTHRA