novak djokovic

The Djokovic saga: baffling to families who fought to bring loved ones home

  For many, the in-court tennis match between Novak Djokovic and the Commonwealth was a welcome dramatic distraction from the pandemic. Indeed, it made for...
india and the omicron juggernaut

India and the Omicron juggernaut

  For the 1 million Indians in Australia, the worry levels are high about the potential spread of the Omicron variant of the COVID 19...
The Neelamraju family at their citizenship ceremony: It was virtual, but they went made the video call on the steps of the Sydney Opera House to make it a memorable moment. Image supplied

Why Australia must become a republic

  The Australian society takes immense pride in giving a ‘fair go’ to anyone who tries. We are all told that, as Australians, no opportunity...

Empowering girls: You CAN be what you can’t see

  There is a populist refrain for those seeking representation and equality at the highest levels: “You can’t be what you can’t see”. Educators, mentors and...
year 2022

2022 through a crystal ball

  The last two years seem to have passed in a state of suspended animation - although things happened around us, there was a feeling...

WFH and a fracturing workplace culture

  There's a problem emerging in Australian workplaces that no one really wants to talk about, but many are worried about. WFH is causing substantial issues...
lgbt community

On the Religious Discrimination bill

  Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduced a Religious Discrimination Bill to the parliament last week. Promised by the Coalition government in the wake of the...
hamilton musical

What ‘Hamilton’ means to this Indian-Australian

  It would seem unlikely that the story of one of America’s founding fathers would pique the interest of millions worldwide, however Hamilton, the musical,...

7 truths from COVID lockdowns

  As we head to Diwali, COVID-19 imposed restrictions are also ending in two of Australia’s largest states, and there is promise of resuming normal...
Quinton De Kock. Source: Cricket South Africa/Instagram

Taking the knee: Quinton de Kock lets his team and country down

  South African wicketkeeper and former captain Quinton de Kock controversially opted to withdraw from South Africa’s T20 World Cup match against the West Indies,...
A COVID vaccination line at the Macquarie Fields Pfizer clinic in south-west Sydney. Source: Connell_cecilia/Twitter

Uniting the latte and shisha divide

  The ongoing pandemic has laid bare that our society is riddled with social inequality, classism and racism. Over and beyond the health and mental health...

Australia: The White Man of Asia?

  On September 16, Scott Morrison heralded the dawn of a momentous new alliance with our “forever friends”, the USA and Great Britain. Lovers of Scrabble...
Quad virtual leaders’ meeting in March 2021. Source: Twitter

What is the Quad and what’s on their agenda for the Washington summit?

  On Friday, the leaders of Australia, India, Japan and the US will meet in Washington for the first in-person Quad summit. Hosted by US...
Shafali Verma playing for the India women's national cricket team- gender-neutral terms helping women within the cricket sphere of equality. Source: Twitter

Batsman. Batter. How sport is creating new social agendas

  It's just not cricket. It's something better. With the change in cricket terminology from the term “batsman” to “batter”, more serious questions arise about whether bigger...
kristina keneally and tu le

The Fowler seat: Another missed opportunity for diversity

  The news of Senator Kristina Keneally being endorsed to run for the safe NSW seat of Fowler is disappointing, yet unsurprising. For context, Fowler is...

Pissing in the public pool

  The knock on the door from the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus has got louder over the past few months. This has seen health...

COVID vaccines: You cannot inoculate against irrational

  Rational thinking reveals that freedom is always contextual. Freedom should always be understood in the context in which it is sought. From an educational...
Maurice Newman AC

Forget China. India is our future

  India and Hong Kong share a common British colonial history. From the earliest times that connection and free enterprise attracted many Indian merchants to...

The world must not look away as the Taliban sexually enslaves women and girls

  Since the withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan in July, the Taliban have swiftly taken control of large parts of the country....

We’ve lost the trust of Western Sydney and it’s critical we repair it

  Last Saturday, like many people across Western Sydney, I dressed up in my home-made hazmat suit ready to go into battle. Masked up with...
International Olympic Committee.(Photo Courtesy: International Olympic Committee)

Tokyo Olympics: The five-ring party ends

  Olympics 2020 could well have been a blank page in the history of this four-yearly multi-disciplinary global sporting competition. With COVID-19 ravaging the world...

The Pegasus spyware saga reveals India’s colonial hangover

  In the 1830’s Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay set about drafting a piece of legislation that would outlive not just him but also the empire that gave...
Kishwar, Depinder and Justin from MasterChef season 13. Image supplied

MasterChef 2021 has made Australia that little bit more inclusive

  As millions of Australian tuned into the Season 13 MasterChef Australia finale this week, they proved true an adage by Italian-American chef Giada De...
nsw lockdown flickr

On Australia’s bungled vaccine rollout

  The outrage at the Federal government’s mismanagement of the vaccine rollout and poor messaging is palpable. In migrant communities, the discontent will only grow the...
indian economy

Indian economy needs bold vision post COVID-19

  The human cost of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has now been well-documented. The second wave in India has taken the death toll to over...
brisbane india fair

Australia’s Indian community must hold the govt accountable

  It is time the Indian community and many of its self-anointed leaders stood up to the federal government in light of its pronounced bias...
salman khan

Wanted: Salman Khan’s image reinvention

  For Salman Khan fans, this past Eid release was far from the blast they were hoping for. Released in cinemas and for streaming on...
two poor indian children stand on the street

While rich countries experience a post-COVID boom, the poor are getting poorer. Here’s how...

  The latest IMF and World Bank reports show a global economic boom gathering steam. This is thanks to US$16 trillion in fiscal stimulus packages spent mostly across the world’s rich...
A health offcial handles a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in India. Vaccine patents

Why vaccine patents should not be allowed at this time

  There has been much discussion about the vaccine rollout across economically advanced countries and across the developing world. There are only 39 economically advanced...
ians oxygen cylinder india

Amidst the turmoil, a sense of gratitude

  The recent visuals from India, gut-wrenching, paint a picture of the despondency and despair currently being experienced by the citizens. Headlines such as “India gasping...


Let’s Talk Boosters: Indian Link podcast

  In LET'S TALK BOOSTERS, a new podcast series by Indian Link, host Ekta Sharma quizzes Dr Kritman Dhamoon of Blacktown Hospital Sydney about booster...
Frontline worker Parita Patel (inset). Image supplied

‘Serving the community’: COVID testing in remote NSW

  The past two years have been a rollercoaster of COVID-19 related turmoil; from isolating lockdowns, closed borders, to trying to help Indians in the...

Ep 9: What do young Indians want from love?

  Growing up in Indian culture, most of us know that love has never been as popular as marriage. Even in the movies, the main...
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How accurate is your RAT? 3 scenarios show it’s about more...

  As Omicron surges through the community, getting the right answer from a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is not as straightforward as reading one or...
Sagarika Venkat arrangetram

Sagarika Venkat is finalist in Young Citizen of the Year award

  What were you doing when you were 12 years old? Not receiving a ‘Highly Commended’ award on Australia Day, to be sure. Sydney’s Sagarika Venkat was...
deepak raj gupta oam

Deepak-Raj Gupta OAM: Community, business and politics

  Deepak-Raj Gupta has been honoured in this year’s Australia Day Honours with the OAM for service to the community of Canberra. “I feel honoured and...