Telling the Indian and South Asian story in Australia

Indian Link empowers and elevates the South Asian community in Australia, by telling their stories and unpacking their experiences in a nuanced and unbiased manner.

Since launching in 1994, it has grown to become one of Australia’s leading multicultural media groups, with 27 Multicultural Media Awards to its name.

Indian Link has built its reputation on covering the issues that matter and providing a South Asian perspective on mainstream issues, many of its contributors being leaders in their particular fields. Its balanced and independent approach allow it to reach a variety of demographics, both within the South Asian diaspora and outside of it.

As watchers of the trends in Australia’s South Asian community, Indian Link informs and mobilises public opinion – its print and online publication, radio, podcasts, and strong social media presence reaching one in three members of its own community, and a growing number in the wider mainstream who have an interest in India and the broader South Asian region.

Our Offerings

Indian Link Newspaper has a print run of 44,000 per month with an estimated readership of over 160,000 per edition.

In addition to our print newspaper, we also produce the Indian Link E-Paper, which is emailed directly to over 25,000 email subscribers each month.

In 2002 Indian Link Radio was launched – the first 24/7 Indian radio station to be broadcast in Sydney and Melbourne. A subscription based radio, this medium has become one of the hottest things within the Indian Australian community.

We now broadcast the radio on the internet as well – listeners log onto the Indian Link Website and get a chance to not only listen to our programs, but also to read the community and upcoming events, news and articles which are updated regularly. There are over 20,000 listeners to the radio currently and our website has over 10,000 hits per month.

In July 2012 we launched Indian Link Application for smart phones and tablets – a free download where listeners can tune into our 24/7 radio station from anywhere in the world. We’ve already had over 2,800 downloads of this application and it continues to grow.

Looking forward we are very excited to share Indian Link with our readers, advertisers and subscribers. Taking each medium in the Indian Link Media Group to new heights, we hope you will share in our journey.

Our Awards

Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards 2023
Best Publication of the Year
Alan Knight Student Award: Suhayla Zahira Sharif

Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards 2022
Best Text Report: Pawan Luthra and Rajni Anand Luthra
Young Journalist of the Year: Rhea L Nath

Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards 2021
Alan Knight Student Award: Rhea L Nath

Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards 2018
Best Publication of the Year

Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards 2016
Multicultural Journalist of the Year: Usha Ramanujam Arvind |
Young Journalist of the Year: N Gohil

Cricket Victoria Media Awards 2016
Suburban Community Award: Ritam Mitra

Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards 2015
Best Print Publication of the Year

Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2015
Media Award: Indian Link

Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards 2015
Best News Reporting | Photographer of the Year: Sachin Wakhare

Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards 2014
Best Print Report of the Year | Best use of Online & Digital Media |
Young Journalist of the Year: Ritam Mitra

Victorian Multicultural Awards 2014
Media Award: Preeti Jabbal

Parliament of NSW Multicultural Media Awards 2013
Coverage of Community Affairs Abroad | Online Innovation in News Blog or News Website Design

Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards 2013
Best News Report | Best Online Publication of the Year | Best Image of the Year

Parliament of NSW Multicultural Media Awards 2012
Online Innovation in News Blog/ News Website Design | Editorial/ News Reporting | Multicultural Journalist of the Year

(Source: Multicultural NSW)

Our Founders

Having a passion for media and their country of origin, India, Pawan and Rajni Luthra combined the two and started the Indian Link Newspaper in 1994.

They feel that helping the Indian community assimilate into the Australian way of life, is an important part of living here. At the same time, their Media Group is aimed at helping Australians understand the Indian culture and beliefs – but always with the focus of embracing the best of Indian and Australian ethos.

Thanks to Rajni Luthra, Editor-in-Chief, Indian Link has set new standards in journalism and production. It reaches thousands of homes and has become an integral part of lives of people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Thanks to its rich and varied editorial content, Indian Link has a big and loyal reader base that includes educated professionals, housewives, senior citizens and the young Australian born Indians.

Pawan Luthra has become a source of mainstream media commentary on the issues affecting Indian students, nuclear trading between India and Australia and economic and immigration issues. His most recent contributions included commenting on the opening ceremony of the Delhi Commonwealth Games on FOXTEL and on programs such as Lateline and Compass (ABC TV), Today Tonight and Sunrise (Channel 7), for India’s NewsX TV and for BBC Radio’s Hindi service.

Our Team

Pawan Luthra

Publisher and Co-Editor

Pawan Luthra is the CEO of Indian Link Media Group in Australia and is well-known as a voice of reason in the Indian community. He began his media career in India at All India Radio and Doordarshan. He is admired for his fortnightly editorial note that covers a wide variety of topics and offers insightful opinions. The Indian community views Pawan as a respected community spokesperson who is balanced and objective, with an astute understanding of both the Indian community and mainstream issues. He has won the award for Multicultural Journalist of the Year.

Ritam Mitra


Ritam Mitra is an award-winning journalist with over 10 years of experience in writing on a wide range of topics such as politics, human rights, social justice and sports. He has exposed issues such as sexism and racism in Australian sport and media, human rights abuses and the impact of flawed bureaucracy on inter-country adoptions. Ritam is also a Cricket Australia accredited journalist and has interviewed famous cricket players. He has won several awards for his journalism and is also a practicing lawyer in a boutique international law firm in Sydney.

Rajni Anand Luthra


Rajni, with a PhD in psychology, is known for being the head of the trusted ethnic publication, Indian Link Media Group, in Australia. She has a non-partisan approach to community life and a passion for objective reporting, which has led to multiple awards for her team. Rajni seeks to show the ways in which the Indian and Australian communities enrich each other and highlights successful integration stories. She takes pride in showcasing both Indians doing well in Australia and mainstream Australians who have worked closely with India.

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