ravi shastri cred

WATCH: Ravi Shastri shows off his wild side in new ad

  After teasing us with Rahul Dravid's 'gunda' behaviour and Olympian Neeraj Chopra's acting chops, credit card payment app CRED returns with another hilarious ad....
scott morrison playing cricket

Seeing the 2022 Federal Elections through the eyes of a cricket tragic

  On ABC Sydney radio this week (Journos’ Forum with Richard Glover on the Drive show), Indian Link’s Pawan Luthra looked at the 2022 Federal...
heavy metal

Ask Auntyji: Heavy metal vs. my boys arguing

  Dear Auntyji I am an Australian, married to a lady of Indian descent. I occasionally read your columns and need an online dictionary to understand...
Greyscale silhouettes on top of mountain landscape

Auntyji: Seeing it in black and white

  Dear Auntyji... You are fairly blunt in some of your comments and advice, and I suspect you won’t mind if I do the same with...
Five bowls of soup

Easy vegan soup recipes

  Cold winter nights are here, and it’s soup time. Soups are comfort food for both your body and soul. Plus of course, you’ll spend...

Driving forward: An ode to my (super) mum

  Eleven years ago, my Mum started her own driving school business. She would drop my siblings and I off to school at 8:30am, a 40-minute...
Mother's Day gift

How to show your love this Mother’s Day

  If you've left your Mother's Day gift a little late this year, we are here to rescue you. 1.Make her breakfast Starting with a simple, yet...
kids fighting to demonstrate conflict

Teaching kids 3-5 to manage their own conflicts

  Have you ever had your toddler or preschooler say to you, “I don’t want to go to school, no one wants to play with...
Ramadan can be a challenging time for those with eating disorders.

Struggling with anorexia during Ramadan

  Every year, as Ramadan rolls out, millions of Muslims around the world refrain from food and drink to develop their faith and bond with...

10 must-try Ramadan specials in Sydney and Melbourne

  If you’ve already been to the Lakemba Night Markets and are looking for new iftar spots, we’ve got you covered! Across Sydney and Melbourne,...

Ramadan recipes to relish

You may or may not be fasting at this time of Ramadan, but have a go at these iftaar favourites anyway! says SHAFEEN MUSTAQ

Election observer: Tightrope walkers, gaffes, and much more

  Hurrah, it's time for elation. No, dear reader, I have not misspelt the word 'election'. Every election throws up some amusing episodes, giving the...

Now COVID is causing disharmony in my family

  Dear Auntyji My family is in a bit of a COVID kerfuffle and I am hoping you can help me. Three weeks ago, my husband...

Easter Egg Nest Mud Cake

  Easter is almost here! Here’s a dairy-free treat - Easter Egg Nest Mud Cake - you could surprise your family with this long weekend....

Wish my husband would read me poetry

  Dear Auntyji My problem is so embarrassing that I am almost ashamed to bring it up Bahen, but I think you will be the only...

Pipis Taiwanese style

  Pipis are small, edible saltwater clams that are endemic to Australia. They are also known as Coorong cockle or Goolwa pipi or kuti (Ngarrindjeri...
backyard design

Redesigning your yard

  Buying a new home is a proud moment for all of us, and moving in can be an exciting time for the family. With...
two kids of different races

Talking to kids about race

  This week Australia is celebrating Harmony Week. Whether you marked Harmony Day on 21 March, or International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,...
astrology day

International Astrology Day: 12 funny tweets on loving horoscopes

  Whether you read your horoscope every day or avoid it like the plague, we all know at least one person particularly invested in their...
phone call

Auntyji: The weekly call to mum

  Dear Auntyji I am a little hesitant about bringing you my problem, but I have struggled with it for the last six months with no...
holi with kids

How to do Holi with kids

  Holi was my favourite festival growing up. I loved that on this day we were allowed to muck up, and that my parents were...

International students guide #3: using public transport

  As a newly arrived international student in Australia, it can take a little while to get accustomed to travelling around cities. What bus route...
viral video qld floods

WATCH: QLD floods force mice, frog to hitch a ride on a snake

  You read that headline right! The massive flooding and severe weather conditions in Australia's east coast the past few weeks had everyone scrambling, including...
palak paneer

Auntyji: Who put ricotta in my palak paneer?

  Dear Auntyji My wife is a fabulous cook, and she makes simple dishes very tasty and nutritious. But she can be a bit of a…...
Mythili Iyer is an avid Wordle fan. (Image supplied)

This Indian senior wakes at 4 am every day. To do her Wordle.

  Mythili Iyer has always been a word nerd. Games such as Scrabble and Wordscapes have always held a special fascination, and so it is...
Devian and Jagesh Panchal. (Image supplied)

Shakti: helping young Australians channel their inner strength

  With lockdowns, sickness, war, and floods, it’s been a trying few years for us all. A non-profit organisation in Melbourne, drawing its name from...
international students

International students guide #2: finding a place to stay

  Are you a new international student in Australia, looking for a place to stay? Starting a new life in a new country is never...
noffs store sydney

Your guide to op-shopping in Australia

  For many new migrants to Australia, the idea of buying second-hand clothing might be a confusing one. After all, buying new clothes for occasions...
student discounts

International students guide #1: the best student discounts

  International students often live on a shoestring budget. Even with the help of part-time jobs, they wind up saving very little with a horde...

Youngest Indian designer to showcase at Paris Fashion Week

  It's a dream come true for Binal Patel, designer and founder of 'TheRealB', who is all set to present her collection at Paris Fashion...


Let’s Talk Boosters: Indian Link podcast

  In LET'S TALK BOOSTERS, a new podcast series by Indian Link, host Ekta Sharma quizzes Dr Kritman Dhamoon of Blacktown Hospital Sydney about booster...
Frontline worker Parita Patel (inset). Image supplied

‘Serving the community’: COVID testing in remote NSW

  The past two years have been a rollercoaster of COVID-19 related turmoil; from isolating lockdowns, closed borders, to trying to help Indians in the...

Ep 9: What do young Indians want from love?

  Growing up in Indian culture, most of us know that love has never been as popular as marriage. Even in the movies, the main...
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Latest News

murugappan family home to bilo

Confirmed: Murugappan family are going #HomeToBilo

  Interim Minister for Home Affairs Jim Chalmers has intervened in the immigration case of the Murugappan family to allow them to return to Biloela. Exercising...
tomb of sand booker prize

‘Tomb of Sand’ becomes first Hindi novel to win Booker Prize

  Geetanjali Shree’s Ret Samadhi, translated to English by Daisy Rockwell as Tomb of Sand, is the winner of the 2022 International Booker Prize. It...
Baljeet Kaur mountaineer

Baljeet Kaur, an Indian mountaineer, sets a record by summiting four...

  On Sunday, Baljeet Kaur, a 27-year-old woman set a record and became the only Indian mountaineer to scale four 8000m peaks in less than...