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'Kola Khar' extracted from 'Bheem Kol'. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tea and banana waste used to make non-toxic activated carbon

  A team of scientists have used tea and banana waste to prepare non-toxic activated carbon, which, without any toxic agent, is useful for several...

National guidelines announced for allergy management at school

  It’s been known for quite some time now that Australia is the “food allergy capital of the world”. One in 20 school-aged kids, it is...
facetime grandparents

Ask Auntyji: On craving more Facetime with the grandkids

  Dear Auntyji I am the dadi of the most beautiful 2-year-old nanhi pari, but I have a situation with her that I need your guidance...
Diwali recipes. Source: Canva

Healthy Diwali, Happy Diwali

  Diwali 2021 is round the corner. This year has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Let’s hope Diwali brings us new beginnings...
Dr Raj Kumar Sharma (left) and Shankshpushpi (right). Source: supplied

Why it is exciting to see Australia open up to Ayurveda

  Ayurveda is an Indian term that the western world is finally beginning to pick up. A Sanskrit term made up of the root words...

Black foods are the new super-food

  When you think of the colours on your plate, do you ever think of black? Well, its time you do! As they are the...
parents reading with child

How to raise a reader

  The love for reading was instilled in me at a young age. Even now, a book has the power to truly envelop me in...
A dog-friendly garden is a paradise for all. Source: Canva

Dogscaping your garden

  Wherever you are at your pet journey - owning a pet or about to own one - this article will help you think about...
neeraj chopra ad

WATCH: Neeraj Chopra steals the show in hilarious new ad

  After Rahul Dravid earlier this year, it's now Golden Boy Neeraj Chopra's turn to show off his acting chops. In a new ad for credit...

21 burps: it’s modak time as we celebrate Ganesha

  “I’m going to burp 21 times,” I would declare to my Ajji, after eating her mouth-watering modaks. Sweetmeat dumplings made with rice flour and some...
Baby Hanuman, Ganesha and Krishna cartoons. Source: Twitter

Play-based experiences to teach your kids about your cultural festival

  When you think about celebrating festivals, what is the fondest memory that comes to your mind immediately? For me, it’s definitely the fun, frolic and...

Ask Auntyji: To be or not to be Insta-worthy

  Dear Auntyji I am looking forward to going to India in December to get married to my best friend Ravi. We are both studying here...
pcos infographic

My life with PCOS: joining the ‘cysterhood’

  For many women, going to the gynaecologist isn’t always a pleasant experience. I should know – I’ve had to schedule a doctor’s appointment every...

#MyWork: Mental Health Social Worker

  Melbourne's NIRALI DHRUVE tells us about her work helping people with mental health needs. My job title Intake and Referral Social Worker - Mental & Allied...

Little lessons we thank our fathers for

  For Father’s Day this year, we asked community members to share the smallest bits of fatherly advice they’ve received from their dads that have made all the difference. Be it firm handshakes,...

Our hibiscus rights are under attack!

  Disclaimer: No white women were harmed in the making of this piece. However, the characters are not fictional. They are living, breathing, interrupting you,...
its ok to cry in lockdown

It’s OK if you have a little cry in lockdown. You’re grieving

  If you are one of the millions of Australians in lockdown, you are not alone in feeling a range of emotions difficult to put...
working from home

5 tips to stay productive while working from home

  As a freelance writer, I’ve worked from home for a decade, years before COVID-19 and working from home became a reality for thousands of...
Flower bed. Source: Supplied

What to plant in Spring: Suggestions for low maintenance plants

  If you’re thinking of buying new plants for your spring gardening or if you’re renovating, then put low maintenance plants on your shopping list. Spring...
gene weingarten

Twitterverse takes down columnist who dissed Indian food

  In case you missed it, the Twitterverse exploded in both confusion and annoyance yesterday after Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten alleged that Indian cuisine...
Trikone's latest 'Let's Talk ' edition discusses love in the time of lockdowns. Source: Facebook

‘Love in the time of Lockdowns’: Trikone Australia

  How does love thrive – between parents and children scattered around the world, among siblings and friends who can’t meet for years on end?...
parents playing with child

A play-based approach to home language learning

  As Indian Australian parents, we strive to educate our children about their bicultural backgrounds so that they can appreciate the diversity that they grow...
woman tying rakhi

Rakshabandhan memories: making my own ribbon rakhis

  A large yellow sponge cut out in the shape of a flower, with a shiny Bollywood pink cardboard Ganeshji stuck on top, stitched precariously...

First-time car buyer? Some useful advice

  If you’re one of those young people making a beeline to purchase your first car - perhaps to avoid public transport in these pandemic...
Onam food recipes. Source: Supplied

Onam Sadya: A mega banana-leaf feast

DHANYA SAMUEL celebrates Onam with a selection of delicious dishes

Ask Auntyji: Cross border love match

  Border closures…. of a South-Asian kind Dear Auntyji In 2015 I wrote to you with my sad story about meeting the most beautiful girl while at...
The Sabyasachi x H&m collection

Sabyasachi x H&M collection launches this week

  In what is a truly proud moment for Indian fashion, for the first-time ever fashion giant H&M has collaborated with an Indian label to...
parenting talking to child

How to explain lockdowns to your kids

  As we step into our seventh week of lockdown in Sydney (and a snap lockdown recently announced in Melbourne) there is no doubt the...
bottled cocktails foreign return

Indian restaurants jump on the bottled cocktail bandwagon

  If you’ve been doing a celebratory take-away night on say Friday nights this lockdown period, you’ve probably seen bottled cocktails on the menu. Packaged in...
Creating your own home made garden

How to create your own sustainable garden at home

  Climate change is a term bandied about a lot these days. Yet much of the discussion remains at the macro level. At the micro-level,...


Ep 9: What do young Indians want from love?

  Growing up in Indian culture, most of us know that love has never been as popular as marriage. Even in the movies, the main...

Ep 8: Indian links in Indigenous Australian poet Ali Cobby Eckermann’s...

  To celebrate NAIDOC week 2020 (between 8-15 November) I spoke to Yakunytjatjara poet Ali Cobby Eckermann about her time in India where she taught...

Ep 7: In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput

  The torrid and high-octane Sushant Singh Rajput case has been fodder for Indian people and press for the last few months. The actor’s tragic death...
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Review: Dhindora (YouTube Original)

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Taapsee Pannu as Rashmi. Source: Twitter

REVIEW: Rashmi Rocket (Zee5)

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