A winter holiday at the magical Mount Baw Baw, Victoria

There’s something about the great white expanse of snow that makes us let go of our grown up persona and engage in activities that trigger the inner kid in us.

Nepal strives to convert Everest trash into treasure

In a bid to save Mount Everest from trash, Nepal just concluded a month-long cleaning campaign where over 10,000 kg of rubbish was collected from the region. The mega clean-up campaign coordinated by government and...

Travel diary: a few days in Alaska, exploring the last frontier

“If you’d like to join us you’d be most welcome,” said Mike, a Wrangell local where I’d just spent the last few hours exploring, leaving the world heritage listed site of ancient petroglyphs until...
Jervis Bay.Indian Link

36 hours in Jervis Bay: beaches, dolphin cruises and maritime history

A port of Canberra’s own - to rival Sydney! Think I am joking? Absolutely not! This is one of the astonishing facts we discovered about Jervis Bay, apart from the fact that it is...
european history of kolkata.indian link

The European History of Kolkata – Colonial Stopovers

In early 17th century, India’s share of the global economy was around 25%, as large as all of Europe put together. India’s wealth and its rich produce from spices and silk to pottery and...
Darwin 5.Indian Link

Darwin and Kakadu: Discovering Australia’s ‘Top End’

I’ve travelled to the Northern Territory many times. It makes me feel good to be there, for the chance to reconnect with the wilderness. I’ve always camped, but my last trip didn’t go so...

Explore India in slow-mo

An experiential taster for travellers to the pristine and tranquil North East of India, WRITES SARONI ROY.

Five small gems

The tiniest nations in the world make for some wonderful travel destinations, WRITES SANDIP HOR.

Parents visiting from India? 20 things you need to know

Answers to the most common questions for people whose parents are visiting Australia for the first time

Parents moving to Australia to live with you? Here’s what you need to know

What you need to know if you want parents to move to Australia to live with you