Put Smartraveller at the top of your travel plans

If you’re travelling this December, start off by checking in at Smartraveller first.

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You‘re probably planning your end-of-year holiday travels right about now.

This is a reminder to make Smartraveller your first destination.

Smartraveller provides Australians with the information they need to prepare and plan their overseas trip and make informed choices.

This includes advice on passports, visas, and travel insurance through to detailed travel advice on over 175 destinations. It also offers essential resources in multiple languages.

Smartraveller is a must-see website before embarking on any travels especially if you love to explore.

Subscribing to Smartraveller email updates, even when you’re visiting family overseas, means you’ll always have the latest travel advice information.

Smartraveller’s travel tips for your future overseas adventures:

  •  Research and confirm visa and entry requirements for your destination. Reach out to the relevant embassy or consulate for up-to-date information.
  •  Consult a doctor to learn about recommended vaccinations and health precautions for your destination. Check your medication’s legality and requirements.
  • Don’t forget your travel insurance and make sure you read the fine print on your policy.
  • Be aware of how dual nationality may affect your travel plans and consular services.
  • Respect the laws of the country you’re visiting, as they may differ from those in Australia.
  • Be mindful of the culture and places of significance in the regions you explore. This includes wearing appropriate clothing at places such as temples.
  • Leave a copy of your travel itinerary and insurance details with someone back in Australia.
  • If you don’t already have a passport allow six weeks to renew or apply.

Future travellers are encouraged to read the Consular Services Charter on Smartraveller. It’s a great resource for understanding what the Australian Government can and cannot do to assist travellers overseas.

Travellers should align their travel insurance decisions with the advice level of their destination and the activities they are doing.

For more information about Smartraveller and to access their travel advice please visit Here.

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