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5 ways to make flying better

SANDIP HOR shares 5 tips and trick to make your travel more comfortable
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5 reasons to love Mexico

From history to culture to food, Mexico has an endless list of experiences to offer, writes SANDIP HOR

Desi encounters in the Orient

From Bajrangi Bhaijaan to Sikh policemen, China brims with Indian gems hidden around every corner that will surprise you.

Here are the 14 best parks in Sydney

Sydney, more so than any other Australian city, is defined by its parks. Here are some favourites. By Petra O’Neill
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Scientists develop sun shield to prevent coral bleaching

The team has proven that this film can reduce sunlight by up to 30 per cent without causing any damage to corals.
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End of an era for India Tourism Sydney

The office is winding up its operations after over 50 years, leaving many in the tourism industry shocked. HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE reports
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Central America’s hidden gem

Nicaragua has awe-inspiring nature, but it is just as proud of its 500-year-old heritage, writes SANDIP HOR
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Parineeti: Selling Australia to Indians

The bubbly actor has released a series of videos that narrate her holiday experiences in the Australian states
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Desert in the sky

Ladakh’s Zanskar Valley may be harsh and remote, but it brings out the gentle and welcoming side in people, writes MARIA VISCONTI

The best of Oz

Here’s what visitors love - or don’t - about Australia and what they must see and do, writes PETRA O’NEILL