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Indian Link’s NEW travel podcast- Feel New In NSW is all about travel and especially made for people who love to explore places in New South Wales, Australia. The Podcast is hosted by Ekta Sharma. The podcast includes three episodes where you travel and explore NSW. There will be lots of information about Zoo, road trips, adventures, mountains, national parks, wildlife and more. 

In this podcast, you get to experience New South Wales in a new way rediscovering the feelings of Joy, adventure and more.  You will know how to make your weekends perfect in NSW!  You will also get to know more about some of Australia’s cutest animals in our podcast. To make you feel re-connected, we also take you to some National parks that could be your pick for a perfect long break. Nowhere else on this earth will you find this amazing connection with land and life.. It’s only in New South Wales… So, tune in to our Travel Podcast and keep travelling and feeling new in NSW and visitnsw.com to fall in love with NSW once again..

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