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Tarotscope 2024

What's in store for you this year?

A major arcana is drawn for you, indicating a pre-destined change in some aspect of your life. The high priest card indicates you want to have structure and order in your life. Don’t get too fixed on this or you could lose out on spontaneity. Singles will not settle for a relationship that lacks spark. Those looking for a job will find something less demanding. Watch out for respiratory issues. Choose to operate with integrity over compromising your values.  Clarity in a troublesome situation is foretold.

Taureans will first seek clarity on a dilemma before making a decision about a relationship. Someone senior or influential could make an offer regarding your work which could lead to an increase in finances if you take it up. Go for it. Relationships with siblings improve, especially if there has been a rift in the past. A money issue will be resolved to your benefit. Let the universe know what you desire and wait for it to manifest.

Harvest time as some of your efforts start paying dividends. Singles will be open to dating. An unexpected opportunity for new business could come to the self-employed; be bold and grab them. Those in a relationship will think of moving in together. Don’t binge eat as you will not have the chance to rest it out. Money owed to you will come with the help of someone, and new business leads to a higher income too. Doors to good communication are opening up.

Singles could be considering getting married. Others might think of moving in with someone or may receive a proposal. Cancerians will ace multi-tasking this month. Don’t overdo it or you will have health issues. If you find yourself against a wall in any situation, stand your ground. You will be lucky with negotiations, and finances are set to increase. Work on improving yourself and setting future goals instead of controlling others’ actions. All obstacles are set to vanish this month.

One of the best cards in the pack is drawn for you – it  indicates you will achieve all your desires. Money comes in from multiple sources. Unexpected bad behaviour from a loved one leaves you confused. Use it to detach and evolve. Those looking for work will have more than they can handle soon. Slow down to recover completely from a past illness or injury. It is the card of nirvana so use this month to grow spiritually.  Let go of your obsession to the past.

One of the best cards in the pack; as divine protection is yours this month. Singles will not meet anyone they find exciting. Work-related travel could be on the anvil. If you have been feeling down; imminent changes will lift your spirits. Money comes from multiple sources. Introspect and let go of all the habits that no longer help you grow. A cycle is nearing completion, so expect some form of upheaval or change; mostly in the practical realm of life.

Someone has let you down or disappointed you. It could be a male in your life, not necessarily a lover or spouse. Take a break from work to avoid a burnout. A relationship is not working out as you wished. Be assertive regarding money owed to you. A good amount is coming your way. If you have been unable to let go of a past matter, you will soon move on. Take responsibility for your own well-being. Let go and let god.

Ask yourself what are you not willing to see? It is time to take the rose-tinted glasses off. If a relationship is not working out, let it go as there is something better on the horizon. To prevent anxiety, take rest till you feel less overwhelmed. Money gains are not huge but there is no loss either. Someone who wants the best for you could help you. Practice gratitude and keep negative thoughts away. Don’t let what appears to be true colour your judgement.

One of the nicest cards – the Queen of Pentacles – will bring you a promising relationship, financial gains and overall wellbeing this month. Singles could meet someone interesting, and the attraction will be mutual. A shift in your work situation will brighten your mood. Indulge in some detox to cleanse your body. Money that was held up will come in. If looking for a profession, choose a healing line of work for best results. Stay focussed on your goal and you will see results soon.

A watched pot never boils so don’t focus on a blocked source of income. Singles will prefer to be on their own for a while. Some of you may experience anxiety over your career and will look to being more successful this year. If you find yourself feeling exhausted or mentally tired, visit the doctor. More money is on the way though it may not seem like that right now. Be patient with new ideas and act on them till they come to fruition.

Singles may have to choose between two people – not an easy decision as there is heartbreak involved. Travel for work or pleasure will be successful. If looking for a job change, metaphysical professions will bring more prosperity. Opportunities to make more money will come your way. Go for a second opinion if your health issue doesn’t get resolved. There could be a misdiagnosis. Pursue your goals with dedicated effort.  An old friend could pop up with a new opportunity.

A tough month as problems you didn’t expect pop up. Expect a dilemma within, once you make a decision. Sadness and regret could be experienced over past instances. A recurring health issue may never get completely cured. Finances are stable but you still worry about them. Change your mindset for more positive results. Something you wanted will come to you. If you have setbacks, focus on things that are working out to your advantage. Celebrate your victories, however miniscule they may be.