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She came, we saw, she conquered
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.Indian Link
KALYANI WAKHARE on the Sydney visit of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Desert in the sky
MARIA VISCONTI on Ladakh’s Zanskar Valley
Sari-clad Indian doctor
RAJNI MADAN on Adelaide’s Jayalakshmi Gopalakrishna, who marked 50 years as a GP this year
How Gandhi would navigate a post-truth world
RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA’s report on Indian journalist and political commentator Shoma Chaudhury’s address at UNSW’s Gandhi Oration
HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE on the role of the Australia India Youth Dialogue in the bilateral relationship
Recycled garden
JYOTI SHANKAR on jugaad in the backyard
My child is in a combined class
VINAYA RAI on the positives of learning in a multi-age classroom
Taking surf rescue to India
PETRA O’NEILL on Coogee lifesaver Doug Hawkins’ efforts in Mangalore
An influx of internationals
RITAM MITRA on the talent from Pakistan and Afghanistan that made it to this year’s BBL
India slams door on ABC Radio
HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE on the suggestion that the Four Corners story on Adani had something to do with the refusal of visa to Phillip Adams’ radio team
Fantastic plastic

JYOTI SHANKAR on 15-year-old Angelina Arora’s eco-friendly plastic developed form prawn shells
Coming out of the shadows
HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE on film-maker Sridhar Rangayan’s Evening Shadows which premiered at the Sydney Mardi Gras
Time’s up for complacency
ANEETA MENON on why men must fight structural inequality just as strongly as women
Let women be angry
APARNA ANANTHUNI on how angry women will change the world
Why NOT to be a domestic goddess
DIPANJALI RAO on why our gendered expectations need to change
End of an era
HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE on the closing down of the India Tourism office after 50 years
Statement by sitar
VIRAT NEHRU’s review of Anoushka Shankar’s Sydney performance
Indian films, Aussie critic
EMIE ROY on Brisbane YouTuber Corrie Hinschen’s reviews of Indian films
Australian honours
Our series on this year’s Australian government honours for our scientists, researchers and doctors Mukesh Haikerwal, Dr Vanita Rajul Parekh, Prof. Sharad Kumar, Prof Jai Singh, Prof. Ram Chander Dalal, Dr Sudarshan Sachdev
The myth of inglorious war
AVI CHANDIOK on superstar dancer Akram Khan’s Xenos, a haunting tribute to the Indian soldiers of World War I
Gold rush
Our comprehensive wrap-up of the 2018 Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast which saw India finish in the top 3 with 66 medals
Indian Anzacs
RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA on Indian veterans’ call for a commemoration in India along the lines of ANZAC Day
Music as spirituality
RAJNI MADAN on Alan Posselt’s path of transformation from classical guitarist to sitarist
Media diversity: Walking the talk
VIRAT NEHRU on why repeat discussion panels about diversity achieve little
The Delaneys of Delhi
HAMIDA PARKAR on an Aussie family that calls a Delhi slum home
Having the last laugh
PREETI JABBAL on Indian comics at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Calling your inner Manto
CHARUTA JOSHI and RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA’s interview with Nandita Das, director of the film Manto which screened at the Sydney Film Festival

Dragons and elephants
CHITRA SUDARSHAN on books about China and India
The closet in your living room
KRISHNA NEELAMRAJU on why the onus is on the civil society to help bring the marginalised LGBTQI community into the mainstream
When creativity kills
HAMIDA PARKAR on the two Indian presentations at the Sydney Film Festival – Manto and Mehsampur – both about free speech

Winning pins and hearts
NEHA MALUDE’s interview with Sashi Chelliah, winner of MasterChef 2018
A little bit of your time
HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE on the emotional and financial abuse faced by community seniors, and their pursuit of dignity in the face of it all
Practice makes perfectly imperfect
MOHAN DHALL on why constantly seeking perfection through practice is a deeply flawed idea
The FREEDOM issue
Our August issue for Independence Day: a photo-based feature on what ‘freedom’ means to us in our contemporary lives
Keep calm and curry on
MRIDULA NATH CHAKRABORTY’s tracing of the many narratives of the term ‘curry’ linked to identity, and the possible origin of the slur ‘curry muncher’
Masala and musings
PREETI JABBAL’s reports from the 2018 Indian Film Festival of Melbourne
The big wet
EMIE ROY on the lessons of resilience form a flood-ravaged Kerala
And the big dry
EMIE ROY’s pitch for drought-affected farmers in NSW and Queensland
Colour me proud
Our series of reports and features coinciding with India’s decriminalisation of homosexuality
A tune for India
USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND on up and coming classical musician Sagar Nagaraj who toured India as part of the Australian World Orchestra
“We will rebuild”
RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA’s recount of the events at Sydney’s Hindu temple Bharatiye Mandir as vandals struck
Eye on Wentworth

Photos:Howard Moffat/AUSPIC

PAWAN LUTHRA’s interview with Dave Sharma, Liberal candidate in the high-profile by-election at Wentworth NSW
Drumming to his own beat
USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND on musicologist Sam Evans, Australia’s first PhD on the tabla
 It’s time to stand up, not stand by
ANEETA MENON on the power of bystanders to intervene in situations of domestic violence
Thinkers and linkers
Team members speak on the 25th anniversary of Indian Link
What I know about Diwali
Our feature on what the Festival of Lights might mean for non-Indians
Art of loving in tragedy
HAMIDA PARKAR on the fascinating story of an Indian painter, his Austrian wife and their Australian family
(Very) Special assembly

Year 11 student ADITI SADAKALE on the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at her school
Stitching it together
JYOTI SHANKAR on UTS textile and fashion academics who collaborated with master embroiderers from India for an unusual exhibition
Publication of the Year
Photo by PMCA/Salty Dingo

USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND on Indian Link’s latest – and 22nd – multicultural media award
PAWAN LUTHRA’s notes on contemporary issues such as the role of China in international politics; lessons from FIFA; India-Australia ties as affected by the political turmoil in Canberra; the diaspora serving as ambassadors for the birth country; women’s financial literacy; the need for greater diversity in our social discourse.
Expect the unexpected this summer
RITAM MITRA on the Indian cricket team’s chances ahead of the 2018-19 tour to Australia
The dawn of a new cricket era
RITAM MITRA on the transformative initiatives of the ICC that may well determine the future of one or more formats of the game
Good governance gone bad
RITAM MITRA on the one thing Australian and Indian cricket have in common: corporate governance failures
Jai ANZAC Jawan
PAWAN LUTHRA on Sydney’s memorial to Indian-origin soldiers in WW1 – and the controversy surrounding the process by which it came about
Blacktown does Diwali
RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA on Blacktown City Council’s ‘Light your homes for Diwali’ contest
String of pearls redux: Increased concern for India
LINDSAY HUGHES on China’s two proposed development initiatives in Thailand, which could have far-reaching consequences for India because the so-called ‘string of pearls’ would then completely encircle it 
President comes calling
Our comprehensive coverage of the Australian visit of the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind
The stuff of dreams
MUNISH DAVID on the high school kids – up and coming cricketers – who got to bowl to the Indian cricket team’s greats in the nets at the SCG
Flushing their worries away
PREETI JABBAL on Mark Balla, a Melbourne social entrepreneur who is building basic facilities in rural India, to help keep girls at school
Singing to his own tune
MANAN LUTHRA on Year 12 student Kiran Gupta, who topped the state in HSC Music 1

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