Temporary migrant appeals for help as husband fights for his life

When medical expenses become insurmountable, many immigrants find themselves compelled to initiate fundraising campaigns to cover their hospitalisation costs.

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Yashoda, a young woman who embarked on a journey to Australia in 2020 with dreams of a brighter future, is now faced with an unimaginable challenge. She is tirelessly fundraising for her husband’s life-saving cancer treatment as they navigate the complexities of a temporary visa, limited insurance coverage, and mounting medical bills.

Life was once filled with hope and happiness for Queensland-based Yashoda and her husband, but their world was turned upside down when her husband began experiencing severe back pain. Initially dismissing it as common discomfort, the pain steadily grew worse, leading to his admission to the hospital. A series of diagnostic tests ultimately revealed a devastating diagnosis – Multiple Myeloma, a type of blood cancer. The news left them devastated and struggling to come to terms with the harsh reality.

Determined to fight the disease, Yashoda and her husband began the challenging journey of treatment. However, the soaring costs of medical care in Australia quickly took a toll on their finances. As holders of temporary visas, many aspects of the treatment expenses were not covered by insurance, leaving them in a difficult financial situation. Two months into their battle against cancer, Yashoda and her husband are faced with the heart-wrenching dilemma of not being able to afford the treatment that could save his life.

In their time of desperate need, Yashoda has reached out to the community for support. She is calling on individuals and organizations to contribute whatever they can, no matter how small, to help her husband continue his treatment.

Yashoda emphasizes that this support isn’t just a donation; it’s a lifeline, a chance for her husband to witness their baby’s growth and continue their life journey together.

“In our time of difficulty, any contribution, no matter how small, would be extremely valuable in aiding my husband’s recovery. Your support isn’t just a donation, it’s a gift of life, a chance for my husband to see our baby grow, and to continue our journey together. Please consider sharing our story, your compassion and generosity can bring light to our darkest days,” she wrote on Gofundme.

The Non-Resident Nepali Association of Queensland has orchestrated this fundraising event on behalf of the family, garnering support from over 1,700 individuals who have collectively donated more than $60,000 to assist them.

When medical expenses become insurmountable, many immigrants find themselves compelled to initiate fundraising campaigns to cover their hospitalization costs.

This escalating issue underscores the need for authorities and insurance providers to review and revise their policies concerning insurance and coverage for pre-existing conditions for temporary visa holders.

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