“In deep trouble”: Shapali Verma’s emotional plea to save husband

In an emotional appeal to the community, Shapali Verma expressed her desperation and hope for her husband's recovery.

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A heart-wrenching tale of unexpected health challenges has spurred a community to action as they rally around Balkaran Singh, a 28-year-old who was diagnosed with Leukemia just weeks after moving to Australia on a Student Visa. The dire circumstances of his situation have compelled his wife, Shapali Verma, to initiate a fundraiser to cover the costs of his life-saving treatment.

According to Ms Verma, Balkaran’s journey took a tragic turn when he experienced a severe fever a few weeks ago. Seeking medical attention, he was sent for blood tests by his general practitioner. The shocking results prompted an urgent call from the doctor, revealing that Balkaran was suffering from blood cancer. He was swiftly transferred to Royal Melbourne Hospital, where a formal diagnosis of Leukemia was delivered on August 7, 2023.

Leukemia, a type of blood cancer, has led Balkaran to commence a rigorous course of chemotherapy. However, Shapali Verma says, medical experts have recommended a Bone Marrow Transplant as the most effective treatment for his condition.

“Oncologist has recommended Bone Marrow Transplant which is an effective way of treating blood cancer and the specialist has recommended that the patient’s best match is his sibling (his younger sister who is still in India). Further, his sister needs to come to Australia so that Balkaran can have the transplant procedure done. Before her arrival, she needs to go through numerous matching Tests in India to find out is she the perfect Donor for the procedure,” said Ms Verma in a fundraising appeal.

Ms Verma says the cost of Balkaran’s treatment is staggering, with an approximate total of $200,000 and currently, he urgently needs $80,000 to cover the expenses of the necessary tests and the initiation of the Bone Marrow Transplant procedure.

Adding to their distress, Balkaran’s family lacks the financial resources required to support this life-saving intervention, both in Australia and their home country of India.

“Unfortunately”, Ms Verma says, “The private healthcare coverage has been denied for Balkaran due to the limited duration of his stay in Australia – he had arrived just six months prior to his diagnosis.”

As the family grapples with the impending medical expenses, the situation is further complicated by Ms Verma’s pregnancy, which intensifies their emotional and financial strain.

In an emotional plea to the community, Shapali Verma expressed her desperation and hope for her husband’s recovery.

“We are in deep trouble. Please help us in this difficult time,” she said.

The heartbroken wife has organised a fundraiser in an effort to save her husband’s life. She appeals to the generosity of individuals, organizations, and the broader community to contribute whatever they can to ensure Balkaran’s chances of survival.

“Unfortunately, my husband lost his father at a young age. And No one is here to help us in Australia and we are not financially strong in India,” wrote Ms Verma in her GoFundMe campaign.

The community response has already begun to gain momentum, as news of Balkaran’s plight spreads. Numerous individuals have expressed their willingness to stand by the family during this challenging period and almost $50,000 have been raised.

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