Cashless society coming soon

Notes and coins will disappear as technology takes over as our preferred form for transactions, LP AYER reports

Asia tickles Australia’s funny bone

Indian stand-ups Daniel Fernandes and Sharul Channa join the Comedy Zone Asia cast at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. SHRIRAM IYER reports

Facing the pressure to Facebook

If your life isn’t on Facebook, then you probably don’t have a life, writes HAMSA VENKAT

Over the hill

Ready or not, getting teased before a big birthday sets one up for facing a mid-life crisis, writes SANAM SHARMA

Celebs' New Year Resolutions

What our politicians and Bollywood stars are committing to in 2016, by LP AYER

All I want for Christmas…

From marble slabs to milk powder to renewed mojo, there’s plenty on Santa’s shopping list this year, writes LP AYER

Driverless cars are coming

...But they may drive us mad! writes LP AYER

Eat your veggies…

before they eat you! NURY VITTACHI warns

Ageing gracefully

For amnesia sufferers, every day is dentist's day, writes Nury Vittachi

Would modes of transport kindly behave themselves

Pilotless planes, driverless trains. Who’s guiding the world today? No, surely, not our kids?! NURY VITTACHI laments