Auntyji: Respectful language, please hun!

Sexist language, in this era of MeToo, makes a mockery of all that women have strived to achieve,

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Dear Auntyji

I have a particular problem that I would like your perspective on. So Auntyji, I am married to an Australian man – who is in his mid-40s, is attractive and charming and works in a large corporate.

Now Auntyji, as we both work from home, I can hear my husband at his work meetings, and I have come to realise he has developed an unusual habit, a peccadillo if you like.  My husband has started calling all his female colleagues terms of endearment like darling, honey and sweetheart.

Mind you, for all these years, I was the only one he used these terms with. Now, he uses these terms frequently with other women – and he does it no matter the age of the female colleague.

To my utter astonishment, no one has challenged him on his overly familiar, old fashioned, sexist and generally discomfiting language, or asked him to use more respectful language. It’s as though he was hell bent on channelling a 1950s middle manager. Or worse, a caricature from a ‘50s sitcom like Bewitched or Are You Being Served.

Auntyji, I generally am not jealous or concerned that his affections for me are being diluted, but how do I address this with him? Should I let his female colleagues say something to him? Is he taking advantage of his considerable charisma?


Auntyji says

Aai haai! What kind of a dinosaur lafanga are you married to who has started reverting to type, and in this era of MeToo has made a conscious decision to make a mockery of all that we have strived to achieve, under the umbrella of professional courtesy and respect in the workplace.

Something has definitely triggered in your wacky patidev’s head, and I can imagine the HR folks starting to draft out a memo reminding everyone to complete their Workplace Behaviours Guidelines online training.

So, if your hubby’s colleagues are busdil and are not going to say anything about the importance of using respectful language, I urge you to step in and act right away to stop this tamasha, post haste. Which kumbukht calls their work colleague darling? This is highly inappropriate behaviour – and hubby needs to cease and desist immediately.

I suggest you tell him point blank that his kala kartoot, this pagalpan, needs to stop. His colleagues are Mary, Cheryl, Roopa and Sylvia – not darling, sweetheart, my love and gorgeous.

What a haraami – even I am getting cranky on your behalf – and everyone knows that I am the most even-tempered person ever! Just because he is a charming chikna doesn’t mean he can carry on with this behuda, budtehzeeb behaviour.

Tell your billa that the 1950s called – and they want him back.

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