When Mitti Di Khushboo came alive!

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Actor, singer, writer Ayushmann Khurrana is charm personified as he performs in Melbourne

Ayushmann Khurana – what a fantastic excuse for a girls’ night out.
The bambinos left in the care of the daddies, we dolled up and headed out.
Ayushmann.Indian Link
Trak Lounge, playing host to event organisers Bollywood Club, was magnificent and the crowds were decent. The place wasn’t over-crowded and was well-managed with bouncers in every nook and corner. We ordered our drinks and danced to the foot tapping numbers played by the DJ. The MC for the night, Preeti Daga kept us entertained as we waited for the man of the moment.
Ayushmann.Indian Link
Loud cheers welcomed Ayushmann as he walked in, post-midnight. Dressed in a black leather jacket, waist-coast, tie and yellow shades, he looked crisp and oozed cool. He performed his hit songs and interacted freely with the crowds. His demeanour was amazing. Nice to see a Bollywood star of his stature so grounded and adorable.
Ayushmann.Indian Link
Oh yes, he left all the girls weak in their knees, and the dudes wishing they had half his charm. He was not only willingly taking selfies with everyone, he was also comfortable enough to take their phones and click them himself. Now that’s applaud-worthy!
He called out to all the Punjabis, Dilliwalas and Chandigarh waasis in the house. He exclaimed that he was expecting Melb-wallahs to be ‘laid back’ (read: dull and boring) but that we surprised him with our energy and enthusiasm.
Ayushmann.Indian Link
He performed for about 20 minutes during which he sang his signature numbers, taking us back to the khushboo of our mitti (fragrance of our land). He ended on a high note with Paani da rang, without doubt the crowd favourite.
He mingled with guests afterwards, earthy as mitti di khushboo.
Hopefully amidst all that friendly banter, he learned how glad we all were that he came to saadi galli

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