Twitter reacts to Katrina-Vicky engagement

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All eyes are on Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, who reportedly held a Roka (engagement) ceremony on Diwali!

The Times of India report also said that the pair will be wed in December. The news has taken fans by surprise as the two have never been seen together in public nor hinted at their relationship on social media.

This time, let the celebs have their hush-hush privacy because the reaction tweets are even spicier! The couple’s low-key event got all the attention on Twitter as fans had mixed reactions to the news.

Most of them are requests to post their Roka pics online, while some users were shocked to find out that Vicky and Katrina had been dating in the first place!

This fan thinks they can bribe the couple into sharing Roka pics 

The pics, where are they?!

Insta predictions


This user feels BETRAYED

Queen treatment only

Young Vicky 🚼

Fans are also wondering how Salman Khan is doing during this time

What would their ‘couple name’ be?

Ah, we get the reference!

What a true Kat fan looks like 

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