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Head Chef VIKRANT KAPOOR tells us about his culinary favourites

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My favourite dish on the Zaaffran menu is…
Naaz-e-Dariya or lobster in an aromatic coconut broth with iddiappam
I’m inspired by….            
My creativity is fuelled by a gamut of things including travelling, reading, watching, listening, conversations, beauty, innocence, and most of all by deadlines!
The best thing about being a chef is…
Being able to create and see your creations being interpreted differently
The worst thing about being a chef is…
Time, the shortage of it with family
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What Australian ingredient can you not live without?
Humpty-Doo Barramundi
What Indian ingredient can you not live without?
Basmati Chawal
A restaurant and dish I would travel around the globe to experience…
Alinea (Chicago, USA) – Apple Taffey Balloon. But since I would have travelled such a long way, I might as well indulge in the whole degustation with paired wines!
My most memorable kitchen disaster…
In my early days at the legendary Taj Mahal in Mumbai, my partner dropped some croquettes we had just finished preparing almost at the stroke of midnight. We had to start again. It was for 500 people so let’s just say we did not get much sleep and were a cranky lot the next day…

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Khoorus Biryani

My kitchen highlight…
Receiving fresh produce after a market visit
My most memorable meal… 
So many to choose from, but if I had to name one it would be the meal with a buddy at Indian Accent in New Delhi
My favourite cuisine is…
Anything that is freshly prepared with passion
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My secret vice…
Single malts and thriller movies, late at night
If I was on death row, my last meal would be…
A single malt anything over 50 years, preferably a Macallan, with chilgoza from Kashmir.
A 24 carat gold Tandoori Lobster – 800 grams no shell – accompanied by Mushroom Naan with truffle butter, finishing with Daulat ki chaat and cup of Kashmiri kahva followed by Henri IV Dudognon Heritage cognac.
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In my pantry you’ll find…
Saffron, smoked paprika, pink salt and cold pressed olive oil
In my fridge you’ll find… 
An assortment of cheeses, parma ham and a nice bottle of Pinot Gris
The dish I like to cook for a celebration…
Actually I like to bake a Chocolate and Rum Chiffon Cake
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Honey Saffron Panna Cotta

What I cook at home for the family…
A big breakfast of Bharuchi Akoori on Broon pav with Irani chai
At home, my kitchen toolkit includes…
A mortar and pestle
With a newly renovated restaurant, and entirely relaunched menu, Zaaffran is located at Level 2, 345 Harbourside Shopping Centre, 10 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour

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