Winter must-haves

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TALIA KAUR’s wardrobe winners to make you look smart and sassy

Gone are the days of bundling up in layers of warm clothes to beat the chill of winter. Special new winter fashion trends have made it possible to look chic and trendy, while keeping warm. So here are 5 winter winners to heat up your look.


Knitted jumpers

Meet winter’s most popular fashion piece. There’s nothing more comfortable than a cozy knitted jumper and it’s become an absolute must-have this cold season. The great thing about jumpers is that they come in so many different styles and colours – from light pastel, preppy ones to dark-patterned drapey ones – so it’s impossible not to find a perfect option for you. A soft cotton or wool jumper will look great with almost everything, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild this season and team them up with different textures, fabrics and patters. You could pair a pastel blue knitted jumper with some floral trousers for a feminine look. If you feel like going for something with a bit more edge, team a leather skirt with a bright knit and add a thin belt at the waist – it’s right on trend, yet so comfortable.


Faux-fur coats

We’ve seen many winter trends come and go, but a luxurious faux-fur coat will always be a timeless winter essential. It’s super stylish, yet so warm! And mainstream fashion stores are not only selling many different cuts, colours and textures, but they’re also making them affordable so there’s a coat to suit everyone. But, it can still be a challenge finding the perfect one. Depending on your sense of style, it can be tricky to pull off a full-length faux-fur coat without looking overdone, especially with the bolder colours. If you’re less of a fashionista, you can opt for a safer option such as the short vest and choose neutral or earthy tones. However, it’s important to remember that no matter if you want to go all out or play it safe, when it comes to rocking this trend, always keep the rest of your ensemble as simple as possible – in the end, you want the coat to make a statement.


Ankle boots

This trend, big last winter, is back this season and will be huge for many more winters to come. It’s chic, comfortable and practical during the frequent winter rains. There are ankle boots in every style from platform heels for a night out, to flats for a more daytime casual look. Neutral coloured wedge boots are also a great safe option and are especially hot right now as they add height without being as attention-grabbing as bright heel boots. But if you’re looking to add an edge to your outfit, opt for a western style leather boot. If you want to go one step further, try coloured suede or animal prints, but remember to keep the rest of the outfit simple so the boots are in focus. Also, pay attention to detailing like lace-ups or buckles for a bit more style. Try brightening this cold season up and team a pair of tan leather boots with bright coloured jeans or leggings – it adds a fresh look and is a welcome break from black.


Coloured jeans

The perfect piece to turn these gloomy winter days around! Just about every store has jumped on board. If you’re feeling a little unsure about whether you can pull off this trend, go for pastel colours or richer, luxurious colours like teal blue, burgundy red or emerald green. To finish it off, team it up with neutral tones such as a white shirt and tan boots. This way you’re still including some colour, but making sure it’s not too overpowering. If you are daring and go for brighter colours, be sure to team up with earthy tones, and don’t overdo the accessories. A bright red pair of jeans teamed with a white and cream striped knitted jumper would look great. Another way to be a bit more playful is to pair it with a bold print – polka dots, nautical stripes or even floral, geometrical, leopard or zebra prints.


Berets and beanies

This year’s winter has seen berets and beanies in all different shapes, sizes and styles, and has become the ultimate topping to just about any winter ensemble. Whether you opt for a super slouchy, boho style beanie or a chic French beret, there are so many colours and textures to suit every style. If you’re wearing a simple coat, a bright beanie can add a bit more detail and colour, but if you’ve chosen a bright coloured jumper, a neutral beanie will add the finishing touch. Try experimenting with textures and prints as well. Team a solid coloured cotton knit with a faux-fur printed beret, or a cashmere cardigan with an oversized knitted beanie. This will also help to balance the thickness of the fabrics. Also, look for details such as bows and ball tops for a more feminine style. Beanies or berets are also a really cheap accessory that can cover up any bad hair day while keeping you warm!

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