Why should this Government be re-elected?


A special message from the Prime Minister of Australia MALCOLM TURNBULL

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At this election, I am asking Australians to back the Coalition’s Plan for a Strong New Economy.

We’ve always been a lucky country – but today, more than ever, in these times of both opportunity and challenge, we need to make our own luck.

We do that with a clear vision and an economic plan every element of which will deliver stronger growth and more jobs for Australians.

Our innovation and science plan brings more great Australian ideas to market, and prepares our children for the jobs of the future.

Our  defence  industry  plan  creates  thousands  of  new  hi-tech  jobs  in  advanced manufacturing right across Australia.

Our export trade deals support farmers with better prices, tourism with more visitors and opens doors for our services and industries into the expanding Asian markets.

Our tax cuts encourage small and medium business to invest and employ, and back hard working families to get ahead.

A sustainable budget means we can provide guaranteed funding for health, education and infrastructure.

With your support, we can secure our future with our clear economic plan, and succeed as we have never done before.

How does your Government view the Australia-India relationship?

“The Coalition strongly values the contribution the Indian community in Australia makes to our successful multicultural society. Indian Australians have contributed much to the economic, social and cultural life of Australia.

The Indian community is renowned for its commitment to hard work, enterprise, community spirit and building strong families.

India is at the forefront of Australia’s international partnerships.  India is the fastest growing large economy in the world and has huge potential.

Our economic relationship has grown strongly in recent years and the Coalition Government is committed to build on this by concluding a Closer Economic Cooperation Agreement with India.

The Australia India Business Council and the Australia-India CEO Forum enable businesses from both countries to engage directly on ways to build our trade and investment relationship and the Australia-India Council is working successfully to increase knowledge and understanding between our peoples and institutions.  These connections are nurtured by India’s standing as Australia’s largest source of skilled migrants and second-largest source of international students.

Australia and India share a commitment to respect for international law and international norms, democracy and fundamental human rights.  The Turnbull and Modi governments are working well together to build regional institutions and to deepen our defence dialogue.”

On Multiculturalism

“We are the most successful multicultural nation in the world and barely a day goes past when I don’t rejoice in that and publicly rejoice in that. The foundation of that is mutual respect and barely a day goes past when I don’t talk about that too.

We are enriched by the diversity, the cultural diversity of our neighbours. We are all stronger. Our 24 million Australians – magnificent in our diversity, remarkable in our success as a multicultural nation – they are our greatest assets, not the rocks under the ground. But you know, for them to thrive, for them to have the opportunities they deserve, to be able to realise their dreams, they need that strong economic growth. They need a government that recognises the time and the tenor of the times in which we live and recognises, yes, there are opportunities unprecedented. There are opportunities unimagined a very short time ago. There are technologies in daily use that we barely dreamed of a generation ago.

But all of that requires leadership. It requires a plan because this is a world of opportunity, but also of competition. It is a world of great opportunity, but also of great risk.

So, that is why the choice is so clear. Right across our nation, the choice on Saturday is clear – my team, a stable Coalition majority Government, with a clear national economic plan that will enable Australians in all of their diversity to realise their dreams.

On the other hand, the chaos, the uncertainty, the debt, the deficit, the higher taxes slowing investment, deterring employment, depriving Australians of those opportunities – that is the choice. It’s a clear one.

That is why I am saying to Australians, on Saturday and right up to Saturday for stability, for direction, for leadership, for growth, the choice is to vote for Liberal and National candidates in the House and in the Senate.”