Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Let’s talk about sex: Sexual health literacy survey by UoW

sexual health literacy
  Lecturer in Sexology at the University of Sydney, Dr Vijay Ramanathan is actively working to improve sexual health literacy within the Indian community and...

Upcycled Tech, giving your gadgets a new life

projector upcycled tech
  We’re constantly trading in our phones and laptops every few years for the latest update, but what if there was a way to give...

IFFM 2021: Our 10 picks from this year’s program

iifm 2021
  Year after year, the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne endeavours to bring the very best films made by the Indian diaspora from across the...

WATCH: Monkey helping in the kitchen

  In a new viral video, a little monkey is seen assisting a woman with kitchen chores by prepping the veggies. It appears the she...

Tokyo Olympics: Indian women’s hockey team lose to Great Britain

Indian women's hockey team olympics Great Britain
  The Indian women's hockey team suffered a third successive defeating the ongoing Tokyo Olympics as Great Britain won the tournament 4-1 at the Oi...
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