Jubin Nautiyal : ‘My fans are all lovers’

... says singer Jubin Nautiyal ahead of his maiden visit Down Under

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Hi Jubin, welcome to Indian Link.  

Jubin Nautiyal: Thank you. Thank you for calling me to your show. 

How have you been? Fans got worried recently when you met with an accident.  

Jubin Nautiyal: I’m fine now. I got worried too because it was my guitar hand (that was injured) and my fingers were not plucking the guitar as they used to. It was a bad phase that passed. Thanks for the love, man. Thanks to the fans (who sent) many blessings; I could feel them every day when I was in pain. That’s why I’m probably healing this fast!

Your latest song Hai Kaisi Kaisi got 6.2 million views.   Why do you think your non-film singles hit the right cord? 

Jubin Nautiyal: What I’ve learned from my little experience of the music world – and little experience of life – is intention. My intention is very clean towards my work. I work with all Shidat (full conviction). When I’m doing a song, my attitude is, this is my song and this is gonna be mine forever. I work on it again and again, singing it multiple times. Thoda bhi unnis bis bhi hai, I want to take it to 21. Woh hard work shayad dekhte hain log. 

Jubin Nautiyal
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Back in the ‘90s, India had a full-fledged pop music industry, now there’s this new trend of YouTube singles. Your take on this?  

Jubin Nautiyal: Bollywood se hum itne saare gaane nikalte hain, that independent music was not getting that kind of amplification. And Covid happened. During lockdowns we got a window where independent music picked up momentum.  Today, a film song would get an equal reception with an independent song. In independent songs the visuals have started looking like films, and I think that’s the beauty because yaar, pehele na, independent world bada gareeb sa world hota tha, saste video, sasta music, promotion bhi milta nahi tha. That blew out organically, right. Now artists from all walks of life are bringing out different kinds of sound and getting good reception. Today we have platforms like Spotify where log gaana sun rahe hain, gaana dekh nahi rahe. India ko bohut lambe samay tak aadat thi gaana dekhne ki, bohut baad me jab hit ho jata tha gana, tab sunte the. Pehle sirf dekhte the, video me kya ho raha hain, kaun naach raha hai, hero kaun hain, heroine kaun he, story kya hai, par abhi log gaana sun te hai yaar. 

And also because of Spotify or YouTube you get to know the kind of reception: the audience is very upfront with the comments on social media. 

Jubin Nautiyal: It‘s such a clean world of music today, you know. It‘s an amazing time for artists. You just release your music on YouTube and next thing you know, it’s all over the world. You can connect to your fans so easily. Secondly, I think India itni diverse country hai, itni diverse audience hai, mujhe lagta hai har gaane ke liye audience hai. Yaha ‘80s ke gaane chalte hain;  ‘90s ke gaane chalte hain; naye gaane, English gaane, dance, sab chalta hai. Every genre has an audience, which is amazing. 

You are performing in Australia shortly. Are you all set?  

Jubin Nautiyal: Are you guys ready for me? 

Of course, we are absolutely ready. So have you been to Australia before? 

Jubin Nautiyal: Never. I’m looking forward to the shopping.  I’m a big guy. I’m six three and my foot size is 13 so I don’t get stuff here in India. I also need to get some clothes for stage. Yeah, I want to get some something cool and do some cool stuff. 

How do you manage the crowds while you’re on stage? Do they get unruly sometimes? 

Jubin Nautiyal: It is what we what we work so hard for, actually, to be finally on stage one day and kind of see them in the eye and sing a song that they love! I think my biggest earning in life as a musician is the fans that I have made. My fans are not unruly. My fans are all lovers. You know, you become the kind of music you listen to! It’s something I can’t explain in words – that feeling of being on stage and being so loved. In Dubai recently we did a kick-ass show with 20,000 people in the Coca-Cola Arena.  It was an opportunity to absorb 20,000 people in my world and take them for a small trip with me. I think that’s what we kind of live for.  

Amazing! I hope you get similar response here in Australia.

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