Sydney by night

Self-taught photographer Ajay Sharma’s muse is the resplendent city and its icons


Ajay Sharma.Indian Link

It was Diwali week, and Ajay Sharma was out and about along Sydney Harbour, armed with his cherished Canon 5D Mark IV.

“When are they going to light up the Opera House?” he messaged Indian Link’s Facebook page.

Ajay Sharma.Indian Link

8 pm, we messaged back. The NSW Government’s Diwali ceremony was on at the time at the rooftop of the Museum of Contemporary Art, and like everyone else in Sydney’s Indian community, Ajay was waiting for those world-famous sails to light up in Diwali colours.

Ajay Sharma.Indian Link

Days later, the young hobby photographer shared his stunning images with us.

Ajay Sharma.Indian Link

Ajay Sharma claims that his first ever view of Sydney out of his airplane window took his breath away. That was way back in 2008, and Sydney Harbour has held a special place in his heart ever since.

Ajay Sharma.Indian Link

He knew he would be back up in the air again to take a closer look, this time through his camera lens.

Ajay Sharma.Indian Link

The opportunity would come years later, when Ajay joined a photographers’ collective, and boarded a helicopter. He brought back some spectacular visuals.

“I am self-taught as a photographer,” the Amritsar-born Sharma told Indian Link. “I played with my first ever camera as a Year 10 student.”

Ajay Sharma.Indian Link
Ajay Sharma

His favourite subjects are nature and travel photography, and he claims his best work has involved night scenes. Looking at the images on this spread, we are not surprised!

Ajay Sharma.Indian LinkWhen he is not chasing that perfect shot, Ajay works for State Transit as a mechanical engineer.Ajay Sharma.Indian Link

Rajni Anand Luthra
Rajni is the Editor of Indian Link.
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