Shining the light this Diwali


HSV celebrates the Festival of Lights

Dhoom, dhamaka aur toda sa pataka! The Siva Vishnu Temple in Carrum Downs was an explosion of activity – colourful and beautiful clothes that glittered in the evening light, mouth-watering food that just made us want more and loud music that had us dancing away.

HSV Diwali.Indian Link

Diwali is about good conquering evil, light over darkness, and we as a community, forgetting race and background, came together to celebrate this wondrous festival.

The diyas are lit to signify the sun as light and energy for all life. It is a time when love and gifts are shared between families and we hope for the best. We celebrate knowledge over ignorance, pray for the best and hope that good overcomes all.

Gracing this event were dignitaries including Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs Inga Peulich, Chairman of the Cultural Centre Rama Vemula, President of the Hindu Society Hari Gudoru, Inthi Parameswaran, Member for Carrum Sonya Kilkenny, representing the Premier Daniel Andrews, and Dr Dinesh Sood, President of the Indian Senior Citizens Association.

HSV Diwali.Indian Link

Today, Diwali is celebrated all over the world, the tradition beheld in many, providing light and love in their hearts. Victoria is a centre of multiculturalism and we celebrate every festival – regardless of religion.

The president of the Indian Senior Citizens Association, Dr Dinesh Sood, stood proud as he addressed the crowd.

“During this festival we find the light in us,” he said. “To achieve this we must find the evil inside ourselves and shine the light so bright that it outshines the evil.”

HSV Diwali.Indian Link

Mrs Peulich is passionate about connecting young people with their cultural roots and shared a heart-warming story about introducing her son to his cultural background. She reflected on her Diwali experiences, and there were many, though each gave her a different experience.

“It is so important we pass on our traditions, language and culture that may sometimes be forgotten. This is our identity,” she said.

Diwali is about us coming together as a community allowing the good in us to overcome all that isn’t. For many this Diwali was an important one. Forgetting the troubles in the year and just letting go. Just enjoying the event as we all celebrated this wonderful festival.

HSV Diwali.Indian Link

Providing entertainment at this Diwali event were students from Nadanalaya Academy of Indian Classical Dance. Bharatanatyam is an expressive and demanding art form. These dancers performed the Muralithara Kavithuvam, a dance about Lord Krishna, and they performed the Thillana to complete the performance. Each step was executed with perfection and grace. The dancers were inspiring. Though they were tired and were dancing on the road, they performed exceptionally. They were just amazing.

There were also fun rides for the young and young at heart.

HSV Diwali.Indian Link

The night ended in a wonderful display of fireworks. The light shimmering in the velvet blue sky, everyone standing with their phones and cameras out to record the magnificent display.  Occasionally ‘ooing’ and ‘aahhing’ would be heard over the sounds of children’s excited laughter. As each cracker sounded the crowd cheered and clapped. It was astonishing. A wonderful end to a fantastic Diwali festival.