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The film revolves around Ginna (Manchu Vishnu), who runs a tent house business in Chittoor district. He is a dreamer and is not very smart either. Despite his on-job shenanigans and capacity for disasters, Ginna is essentially a good person, but his greed always gets the better of him.


  • Director: Suryaah
  • Cast: Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone Divi, Naresh, Raghu Babu, Vennela Kishore, Sunil, Chammak Chandra and Bhadram

There is another track in the film. Ginna has two best childhood friends — Swathi (Payal), who is in love with him, and Renuka (Sunny), who left India but returns after 15 long years to reconnect with her friends.

Now, Ginna, who is down in financial dumps, makes a plan to exploit his US-returned friend Renuka, who just happens to harbour a secret. And soon, strange things begin to emerge, which forces Ginna to investigate Renuka’s scary past. What does Ginna learn in the process forms the crux of the story.

A comic caper in a rural setting, the film is a fun watch without any vulgarity or over-the-top nonsense. The film features Sunny Leone in an entirely new avatar, which is refreshing to see. She has held onto her strengths and delivered a good performance.

Manchu Vishnu will surprise everyone with his quick wit and nuanced acting. He gets into the skin of his character so well that it is hard to differentiate between the actor and his role. He is that good in the movie.

Donning a rural avatar could have been a daunting task for someone as fashionable as Payal Rajput, but she has knocked it out of the park. Her chemistry with Vishnu is outstanding and the fine line she walks between being a friend and someone who wishes to be the girlfriend is amazing.

Stellar artists such as Vennela Kishore, Chamak Chandra, Raghu Babu, Naresh and Annapurnamma knock out equally worthy and fun performances.

Anup Rubens has done an amazing job creating massy, peppy tracks, which are already ruling the charts, such as ‘Goli Soda’ and ‘Jaru Mitaya’. There is a special song, crooned by Vishnu’s daughters Ava and Vivi, which will definitely make you smile.

Mohan Babu has penned the screenplay, which is a fresh take on the classic love-triangle concept with twists and turns thrown in at the right moments.

Making a comic caper is tough, especially the ones with a rural setting, as the humour doesn’t appeal to urban audiences, but filmmaker Eeshaan Suryaah took the screenplay and did an amazing job. Bankrolled by AVA Entertainment and 24 Frames Factory, the film is expected to make decent money, especially in small towns.


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