Prep your skin for winter

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As the seasons change, so must your beauty routine. Here are some tips to keep in mind before winter sets in

It is autumn already and, before you know it, the weather is going to get colder. Even people with normal skin will find it going dry and itchy. Instead of slathering on the creams after the temperatures drop, why not start taking care of your skin well in advance with these basic at-home products you can use to keep your skin moisturised during winter.
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We usually take better care of our skin in summer than in winter. We are extra careful with the sunscreen, moisturisers and lip balms. But, do you know that we need sunscreen in winter too? Just because the sun is not blazing down, it doesn’t mean the UV rays are gone too. The first thing to remember is that a sunscreen or moisturiser with a minimum of SPF 15 should be something you use all through the year.


This versatile kitchen ingredient is a great moisturiser. Take a spoon each of yoghurt and honey and apply it all over your face and neck. Rinse off once it is dry. Do this regularly for soft and supple skin.
Prep Your Skin For Winter.Indian Link

Extra virgin coconut oil

These days the organic or extra virgin varieties of this wonderful oil are available everywhere. Just applying it all over your face and neck is enough to give your skin the moisture it needs. That’s because coconut oil has fatty acids that can nourish the skin and it is easily absorbed. You can also apply this oil to your hair and leave on for an hour before you shampoo. It will prevent hair from becoming extra dry and frizzy during winter.
A tip to gauge if the product is genuine: Pure coconut oil will always freeze in colder weather. It becomes almost like a solid white mass inside the bottle and you have to place the bottle in hot water till it melts.
Prep Your Skin For Winter.Indian Link


While we eat different fruit for their multiple benefits, applying them to the skin is also helpful. Take a bit of papaya, banana or orange pulp and mix it with honey. Apply it all over the face and neck and you will have moisture rich skin in ten minutes. This works for all skin types and not only dry skin.

Cream and milk

If you have dry lips, a dab of ghee or clarified butter, honey or even cream will work wonders. Try boiling a little full cream milk, the cream will float to the top and you can use that as a base for face masks (cream mixed with crushed almonds or walnuts is an excellent mask for very dry skin); a face scrub (mix cream and gram flour and scrub your face with it to remove dry skin); or even as a heavy duty moisturiser (mix cream and a little milk and rub it into the skin gently).
Prep Your Skin For Winter.Indian Link

Extra virgin olive oil

Winter can lead to dreaded dandruff. This oil works very well to eliminate dandruff due to its anti-microbial qualities. Warm it up and apply to your scalp. If your hair is on the drier side, blend the oil with a raw egg and apply – the oil will take care of the dandruff and the egg will nourish the strands and roots with extra protein.

Antioxidant-rich diet

Make sure you include one or more ‘superfoods’ in your diet. These are foods that are high in nutrients even when eaten in small quantities. Walnuts, pomegranates, salmon, quinoa, sprouts, lean meats and seeds like chia, sunflower and flax, give you energy, and the antioxidants and nutrients the body needs to stay healthy on all fronts.
Prep Your Skin For Winter.Indian Link


During winter we don’t feel so thirsty, but it is important to drink enough water through the day so the cells of the skin stay moisturised. You can even start your day with a glass of warm water mixed with honey – it is a great detox for the system, especially if you have a lifestyle where you are indoors at work or party over weekends. This will help counter the side effects of air conditioning and alcohol.
Talk to your grandmothers, read about seasonal foods and try to incorporate them into your diet and beauty routines. Your skin and hair will show the results of the extra care and winter winds won’t hurt them anymore.

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