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Ten reasons to go to Manjit’s @ The Wharf

1) The food is oh-so-different-Indian. Crab uttapam, anyone? Scallops cooked in in fennel oil, perhaps? Lotus root mash? All served with the ‘four signature chutneys’ of Indian cuisine!
For your mains, Balmain bugs South Indian style, and lamb shoulder anarkali (a must-try). For dessert, the deconstructed shahi tukra, and an inventive apple jalebi.
So you’ve guessed by now the cuisine here pushes the boundaries of traditional Indian. Your familiar Indian flavours get a modern make-over. Pani puri with caviar? Yum!
(Of course there’s traditional too – veg, vegan, gluten-free, Jain meals, if that’s your type of food).
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2) The venue is perfect for a glam night out. Look out over the water as you settle in with your special one, and enjoy the breath-taking views of Darling Harbour and the Maritime Museum.
Prize yachts float past as you clink your glasses, the harbour lights come on as you tuck into your main course, and the genial sounds of joviality from outside waft in as your dessert is served.
If you’re with a bunch of friends, come in for a tapas style meal, then party on in the neighbourhood – some of the leading bars in Sydney are right next door. It’s New York meets New Delhi!
Manjits @ the Wharf.Indian Link
3) The ambience is unparalleled amongst Indian restaurants in Sydney. You’re greeted on arrival by a maître d’, who will check your reservation at the reception desk and then have you shown to your table. Sheer elegance from the moment you walk in. Now, that’s your New Year’s Eve sorted…
4) The wine list is well-designed. The cellar is made up of specially picked high-end museum wines chosen by Judith Kennedy, CEO of the Australian Boutique Wines Association. There’s an exclusive Grange collection, as well as more economical wines. Ask the sommelier to match the wines to your meal.
5) The degustation is an exquisite experience at Manjit’s @ The Wharf. There are not many Indian restaurants that do a full degustation.
Here, it is a premium 8-course dinner with matching wines. The chef himself makes an appearance to explain the nuances behind the creation of each dish.
And the presentation? In true Manjit’s style, lajawaab!
6) The bharta comes covered in an oversized cloche that keeps the smoky flavours in.
The biryani comes out looking a pie, and the wait staff slit open to serve with panache. The bill comes in a majestic trinket antique box. Hey, what’s a grand Indian meal without a bit of theatre?!
7) Do lunch. Try a quick curry, tiffin style. Or a long executive lunch if you have the time.
A mere two weeks after opening, Manjit’s @ The Wharf had stamped itself in as a popular lunch destination in the city. (The open-plan kitchen is a welcome element that says it’s all cooked fresh on the premises.)
8) Elaborate banquets are now available for corporate events. After Melbourne Cup this year proved to be a surprise hit, it’s not office Christmas party season.
9) Getting hitched? Imagine taking your vows with those magnificent views in the background.
Make your special day intimate yet stylish. In a saturated wedding market, Manjit’s @ The Wharf offers you something new and exciting.
With theatre-style seating for up to 200 guests, or banquet style for up to 300, get Manjit’s to organise an exclusive affair just for you.
Or try their package deal offers where they exclusively organise your events from start to finish, ie, sangeet to reception.
How about an intimate ceremony here @ The Wharf, and a grand reception at one of the large city venues? No problems!
And the food? Have it custom-designed: traditional, modern, fusion, non-Indian, whatever suits your fancy!
10) Talking of weddings, Manjits @ The Wharf is also the natural habitat of one of the Indian community’s most eligible bachelors.
28-year-old Varun Gujral is the head chef here, the creator of the incredible fusion cuisine that is the hallmark of this brand new restaurant.
Say hi to Varun when you drop in. Karandeep, his older brother, and Natasha, his sister-in-law, might be around too, the scions of the Gujral family raising the bar a few notches.
Manjits @ the Wharf.Indian Link

Rajni Anand Luthra
Rajni Anand Luthra
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