Make-up looks for Raksha Bandhan

Every festival calls for getting decked up a bit. Gear up for Raksha Bandhan on Sunday, and try out some Do-It-Yourself make-up tips.

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Rozar Lobo, Make-up artist at The Body Shop India, has shared make-up tips on how to get Rusty Rush look.
For face 
* Before the application of make-up, always prepare your skin with a skin care regime (cleansing – toning – moisturising – hydrating) according to your skin type
* Use a matte primer to make a perfect base for your make-up.
* Conceal the imperfections with a matte concealer
* Dab foundation (matte or cushion) with make-up brush or a sponge. Wait till it settles.
* Take the two shades of compact – one lighter and darker to get the perfect sculpted look.
Raksha Bhandhan Beauty.Indian LinkFor cheek:
* Contour with blusher on hollow of the cheek.
* To make your contour more intense use bronzing powder on it.
* To make your look more natural, apply cheek colour petal.
* To create the perfect gradation, highlight the cheek bone with illuminator.
* With the help of fan brush, gently apply highlighter on the temples of your face.
For eyes:
* For longer stay and to enhance the vibrancy of eye shadow use matte eye base prior to the eye shadow.
* Conceal the under eyes and lid well with appropriate colour of matte concealer.
* Adjust the shade and use on eye lid and blend with blender brush.
* Apply gold shade in the inner corner of the eye; contour the eye corner with the eye shadow.
* On water line apply matte kajal white and on lower lash line apply eye shadow and blend the shadow slightly.
* Use highlighter (lighter shade) for brow bone highlighting
* Finish the eyes by using a lash mascara (3 steps n 3 coat application for full volume and length)
* Groom brows with brow definer for intense application and apply transparent mascara to fix it.
For lips:
* Before the application of the lipstick, remove the dead skin using lip balm for smooth effect.
* Prepare your lip with the lip primer.
* Apply lip definer all over the lip, apply matte liquid lipstick to finish the desired look.
Raksha Bhandhan Beauty.Indian Link
Aashmeen Munjaal, Hair and Make-up Expert at Star Salon, shares tips:
* For eyes: Eyes can be kept minimal with just a stroke of kajal and matte finish eyeliner or can be decked up with a shimmery smokey eye look that makes your look more glamorous. You can also go for ombre eye makeup to make your look more soaked in festivity.
* For face: Do not use heavy make-up. Try to keep it minimal, simple, and natural waterproof is something you should go for according to your skin type. Use primer before applying the foundation to keep your skin hyderated.
* For hair: Hairstyles as in trend are preferred to be simple with curls, wavy and tongs but during humid weather they will become sticky and lose their composition. Go for braided hairstyles, side buns and low, messy buns, Victorian braids, either fully tucked or semi tucked as per your face cut in that case.
* For lips: If you are wearing monotone coloured outfits, then opt for matte deep red which goes with all skin types. With vibrant coloured clothes go for glossy nude shades.

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