Metallic madness: how to style metallic clothes

How to make this traffic-stopping trend work for you, without looking like a disco ball, writes TALIA KAUR

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Metallic clothing is the microtrend that every ’80s kid will feel emotional about. If you’re looking for an exciting way to add an on-trend touch to your everyday outfits in 2020, metallic clothes and colours are the answer this season.

Metallic colours are a trend that adds a rich texture to classic designs like pencil skirts, tailored trousers and trench coats. They give a great modern twist to timeless looks and are an easy way to add instant shine. Get your wear out of the metallic trend this season with the following few tips, and embrace it (without feeling like a robot).


Less is more
Like any other trend, stores are already filling up with metallic items, including shoes, knits, jeans and jewellery. Although it’s incredibly varied and so much fun to style, it’s important not to get lost in it all. Try purchasing one or two key items that are simple, modest, and flatter your body that can be worn with many outfits. When styling metallic, chose one key piece, a shirt, a pair of jeans, or a bomber jacket, and keep the rest to a minimum.

The key is to balance your metallic piece with the rest of your outfit while adding a slight edge to your look. For a casual, yet comfortable day look, pair a metallic shirt with a tweed jacket, jeans, and wedge sneakers. Metallic colours are perfect for a night out as well, and you can experiment a little more with it. Try pairing a metallic shirt, with a pencil skirt, and a pair of heels. Finish off with a structured blazer and some jewellery and you’re done! Remember to play around with the style, shape and cut of your metallic pieces, but hold back on adding bright colours to it.

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Pair metallics with neutrals
It’s super easy to incorporate metallic clothes into your wardrobe this season, by simply pairing them with neutral colours. Go for a nude skirt or crisp white trousers with your metallic sweater. If you’re wearing a metallic skirt, pair it with a grey tank top or a cream blouse. By using neutral tones to balance out the brightness of the metallic piece, you’ll look chic and polished, yet still eye-catching and right on trend. This look is perfect for those of you who aren’t as daring with the trend, and might be afraid of looking overdone.

For those who still want maximum impact with this trend, try incorporating neutral colours, which will shift the focus of your outfit onto the metallic piece. You could even go one step further and look for sequined metallic items such as a pair of sequined rose gold pants. Team it with a basic white or black shirt and let the trousers do all the talking.

Play with different metallic colours
Don’t stop at the typical metallic hues like copper, silver and gold. Be experimental and try out some other light colours like lime, pink or baby blue. These colours have been all over the runway and look super-luxe and unique. You might even find that these unique shades of metallic suit your style more.

These interesting colours can also go a long way in your wardrobe. Pair them with neutrals to make the colour pop, and add your favourite statement accessory such as a shoe, bib necklace or a jewel clutch. This way, you’ll instantly put your own individual stamp on this trend.

Keep accessories to a minimum
Metallic clothes and their shades will not go unnoticed in an outfit. It’s definitely eye-catching, so you’ll want to keep your accessories to a minimum. If you’re going for a day look, wear your metallic piece with a few simple accessories like dainty rings and necklaces or even some simple studs. If you’re headed for a night out, you can go for more statement pieces, like a jewelled necklace or chandelier earrings, but stop there. Make sure they have clean lines, and whatever you do, don’t pile them up. Make a choice, and wear one or the other.

Let the metallic piece be the focus of your outfit, and allow the accessories to compliment it. Otherwise, your eyes won’t know where to look. Another safe option is to wear accessories that are matt, instead of shiny, so that there’s no chance of any distractions.

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