INSV Tarini, Indian Navy's 2nd ocean-going sailboat

INSV Tarini draws her origin from the famous Tara-Tarini temple of Orissa's Ganjam district.

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INSV Tarini, the Indian Navy’s second ocean-going sailboat, was inducted in February this year.
Designed in the Netherlands, she is a sloop built by Aquarius Shipyard Pvt Ltd at Divar, Goa.The hull is made of a wooden core fiberglass sandwich that performs better than aluminum and steel. 
INSV Tarini carries a suite of six sails including a main sail, head sails, downwind sails and a storm sail. It is made out of wood covered in fiber glass.
The mast is 25 meters tall and has been custom-built by Southern Spars, Cape Town, for sailing in extreme conditions.

It also boasts of a Raymarine navigation suite and an array of latest satellite communication systems through which she can be contacted anywhere in the world.
INSV Tarini is almost identical to its predecessor, INSV Mhadei, which has sailed over 115,000 nautical miles in the past eight years.
This includes path breaking voyages like the first Indian solo circumnavigation undertaken by Captain Dilip Donde (retd) in 2009 and first solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation by Commander Abhilash Tomy in 2013.
The successful construction of both the Mhadei and Tarini in Goa are a tribute to the Government’s Make in India policy.
The Indian Navy is currently operating two other sailing vessels also built in shipyards at Goa – Tarangini and Sudarshini – capable of open ocean deployments.

The Navy is attempting to revitalise open ocean sailing and will shortly be inducting four 40-feet, state-of-the-art open ocean racing sail boats.
INSV Tarini draws her origin from the famous Tara-Tarini temple of Orissa’s Ganjam district. The word Tarini means boat and is also a Sanskrit word for saviour.
Tara-Tarini is the patron deity for sailors and merchants and is worshipped for safety and success at sea.
Tara-Tarini of Orissa is known to have historical linkages with the river Goddess Mhadei — the exclusive boat deity of Goa’s Mhadei river. Both deities have sculptural similarities.

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