Thank you Prime Minister

The Australian Prime Minister felicitates Indian Link on its 25th year.

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I extend my warmest congratulations to staff and readers of Indian Link as you celebrate your 25th anniversary year.
The Australia-India partnership is strengthened by the many contributions of Australians of Indian descent who, over the years, and through successive waves of immigration, have worked hard, brought new ideas, and helped shape our identity and prosperity.
Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries on earth, and support for the cultural and religious diversity of this nation is something that should be cherished and championed by all.
In this context, quality multicultural media like Indian Link not only provides valuable access to information and entertainment, but has a leadership role to play in sharing ideas around culture and ethnicity, and in building respect and understanding.
I thank staff and readers of Indian Link for your commitment to these aims, and wish you many more years of success.
The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister of Australia
13 November 2018

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