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Check out the photo gallery from Indian Link’s second annual Independence Day Photo Contest

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An image depicting peaceful coexistence amidst religious diversity has won the top honours in Indian Link’s Independence Day photography contest for 2022.

A photograph of careful preservation of India’s ancient heritage took second place.

Winners Ritesh Ghosh and Amish Jain take home prizes valued at $200 and $150 respectively.

Indian Link’s annual photo contest at this time of the year, called #myIndianlink, seeks submissions of images from photographers that display their link to, or a feel of, India. Entrants use the #myIndianlink hashtag to post their photographs on social media.

This year’s winner Ritesh Ghosh clicked his photograph in Kolkata.

“It’s an image very close to my heart,” he told Indian Link. “The wall art depicts the Hindu Goddess Kali and Jesus Christ, the Messiah or Saviour for Christians all over the world. The Muslim person walking through the frame completes my vision of the religious and cultural diversity of India. It’s my way of reminding us all that we are all Indians first, above all religion.”

Ritesh took this photograph for a personal project on the graffiti wall art culture in Kolkata.

“I’ve visited this particular spot a few times, but on this occasion it was sheer luck to have observed the Muslim man approaching – it was totally candid.”

His wonderful visual storytelling through this beautiful image, captured the judges’ vote unanimously.

Amish Jain’s photo was taken in Udaipur, Rajasthan at a location quite popular with photography enthusiasts.

“The spot, called Pachetiya Hill, is famous for its impeccable view of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort which overlooks the city,” Amish described to Indian Link. “It is also a fantastic sunset point, and its high altitude is a great vantage point to view the entire city.”

Amish Jain’s winning photo

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His particular perspective in the photograph depicts the ancient heritage of India as well as efforts to safeguard it for future generations.

“The image shows how joint efforts by citizens and government can do wonders to a place,” Amish observed. “The beautiful murals of Rajasthani art and culture along the sides of the path have increased the beauty of the place manyfold. Overall, the pic captures the Rajasthani vibe of art, culture and history – which is what I ventured out to record.”

The two images made it to the top of a shortlist of 16, culled from 106 entries this year.

The Indian flag, fondly called Tiranga (Tricolour), featured prominently this time round, taking off no doubt from the Indian Government’s #HarGharTiranga initiative. It turned up at a variety of places in our contest – at the MCG; in the sky as a boxed kite; in the freezing water at a Sydney beach; on the wheelchair of a physically challenged athlete.

Colour and celebration were other recurring themes – judges scrolled through many Holi snapshots.

Religion and spirituality were also high on our photographers’ minds, perhaps after two years of a worldwide health crisis and changed living conditions. Night lights at the Golden Temple, prayers at the mosque, the famed Ganga aarti at dusk, and Jain temple architecture also made the cut.

Snapshots of kids were plentiful too, the high energy and unbridled joy in them making pleasant works of art.

Here are some of the stunning entries for #myIndianLink 2022:

indian flag mcg
“Special magical moments when India plays at the MCG and nature gives special lighting for the photo.” By Senthil Sundaram
Sunil Chaudhary holi
“Holi is one of the famous festivals of India. The world famous Braj Holi connects all of India at single place.” By Sunil Chaudhury
“We don’t like cricket, we love it! Shot in Bali during a sunrise.” By Rajesh Kumar
sunil chaudhury golden temple
“Being a part of religious country, everyone celebrates every festival so joyfully. During Gurupurab, a boy lights a lamp of hope.” By Sunil Chaudhury
“People need to understand that disability is not a curse. Disability, be it physical or mental, has been largely misunderstood by many. Experience shows that when persons with disabilities are empowered to participate and lead the process of development, their entire community benefits, as their involvement creates opportunities for everyone – with or without a disability.” By Santanu Bose
“At the banks of River Ganges at Varanasi – it was a mesmerizing and blissful evening, the vibrant place extended my stay to witness the rituals again and immerse in it.” By Gaanesh Prasad
“Vande Mataram! Dedicated to all those overseas, away from home!” By Tejas Vaidya
bahubali amish jain
“Statue of Lord Bahubali for which once in every 12 years. a concrete structure is made so he given a holy bath.” By Amish Jain
“Divine prayer at the Taj Mahal.” By Pranab Basak
“I took this photograph to see the joy of children who celebrates the day 15th August which is the Independence day of India. As an Indian I also feel the pulse of joy and independence.” By Arabinda Mondal
taj mahal sunil chaudhury
“The rising Taj, an architectural beauty as well as a true love story. It counts as one of the wonders of world. During the year, many domestic and foreign tourists come here to witness this beauty.” By Sunil Chaudhury
“Eid and Independence Day were very close this year and this was the best thing I saw. No one needs to prove their love for their motherland.” By Amish Jain
“I took this photo in Varanasi in December 2018 during the evening aarti at a ghat. Rather than photographing a line of priests holding giant diyas, I decided to focus on a single individual. I thought that gave the picture a sense of calm and solitude although there was a crowd there. I liked the colours of the Indian flag in the lamps in the background. The trail of smoke, I think, adds a nice bit of mood to the image.” By Harshad Pandharipande
indian flag pranab basak
“Badhte Kadam, the hope for a brighter India.” By Pranab Basak

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