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Forget expensive protein treatments, just use products from your kitchen pantry for these homemade hair masks!

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If you have dry and damaged hair like I do, you are probably always on the lookout for anything to help you take care of your locks.
From protein treatments to hair masks, there are multiple options available at salons, but why not try giving your hair some TLC at home? There are plenty of ingredients from your kitchen you can use to better care for your hair.
Whether it is fruit, oil or even condiments like mayonnaise or even apple cider vinegar, never underestimate what these everyday items can do for your hair.
From olive oil to coconut oil, baking soda to egg whites, yoghurt to bananas, they can all add sheen and nourishment.
Here are some options where you can experiment with various combinations to treat damaged hair and give your tresses lustre and good health.
Not only are these great when you eat them, just breaking one and applying it to your scalp can give your hair the protein boost it needs. Eggs have vitamins and other nutrients that can undo the damage done by colouring and blow drying.

I have previously written about mixing eggs with olive oil so I will mention other combinations here.
Mix an egg with some lemon juice and apply it to your hair to give it bounce, while the lemon juice will nullify the smell. Plus, the acidity in the lemon will also take care of any dandruff issues you might have. If you have long hair, increase the number of eggs.
If your hair is very badly damaged, try using eggs mixed with lemon juice, olive oil and milk or yoghurt. Leave on for at least half an hour before you wash off. Do this regularly and your hair will recover.
You can also use eggs mixed with only yoghurt if there is some going sour and you don’t want to waste it.
Extra virgin olive oil
There is a reason why the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world – the use of extra virgin olive oil. This oil is not only great for salads and pastas, it helps repair damaged hair in multiple ways.
Olive oil has anti-microbial properties so it can remove dandruff like no anti-dandruff shampoo can.

You can mix olive oil with coconut oil, avocados, eggs or even mayonnaise and apply the mask to your hair. Leave on for half an hour and wash off. It will give your hair lustre and volume.
Regular use of olive oil will get rid of the most stubborn dandruff. If you are feeling lazy, just mix olive oil and coconut oil, preferably the extra virgin variety in both cases, warm a little and apply to the scalp. Cover with a shower cap and wash off after an hour. The oils will provide the moisture your hair needs.
I have previously expounded the beauty benefits of honey, but, you can also mix honey with milk or apple cider vinegar, or yoghurt and eggs, and apply to the hair and scalp. These treatments work for broken or fragile hair. Honey also has moisturising properties and is gentle so it can remove the effects of harsh chemicals without too much stress.

Coconut Oil
Indians are familiar with the benefits of coconut oil and most of us grew up with our grandmas massaging our hair with this oil when we were kids.
Coconut oil can work wonders because of its moisturising qualities, and its other micro nutrients can give your hair the nourishment it needs.
Besides mixing with olive oil, you can also boil some coconut oil with a bunch of curry leaves. Cook till the leaves turn black and settle at the bottom of the vessel. Then strain and cool and apply to the hair to hasten hair growth. Some say it works to convert grey hair to black, but sadly I don’t believe that is possible.

You can also mix coconut oil with bananas, or with almonds and egg whites, to make a nourishing mask for your hair. If you are using bananas, blend with the oil till it forms a smooth paste and then apply. If you are using almonds and egg whites, you have to ensure the almonds are ground to a very smooth paste.

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