On Diwali and Eid: Auntyji

If Diwali is a public school holiday in New York, are here other holidays we can expect? How about Eid?

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Dear Auntyji

So I see that in New York city, starting next year, there will be an official school holiday for Diwali. I understand people have been agitating for this for a while and now it’s official.

I am always in favour of more holidays – because it’s good to have days off to have fun and be with family and all that. But Auntyji, what about other festivals – shouldn’t we celebrate them too? Doesn’t this give greater importance to one festival only – above all others? What about Eid – which is celebrated by people from diverse nations and not just the subcontinent? By the way, my Nani was a Muslim – and so I celebrate both Diwali and Eid – so don’t think I have a dog in this fight. I just want what’s fair for all.


Auntyji says

Arre,*****! One piece of good news and you appear here like the shaitaan’s kaaki, your kaala chehra darkening my column, advocating for your what-about. Just because those lucky New Yorkers have a Diwali holiday does not mean that others are losing out, you bewakoof. Really, we take one forward step toward inclusion and instead of celebrating this and seeing how far we have come and lighting a diya and saying a prayer – you choose instead to focus on what we don’t have yet? Seriously, ill-begotten darkinis like you will never be happy. You should be running around in the streets and giving out sweets because one of the most interesting, vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world has declared a holiday for Diwali. This is a huge win for all of us – because truly the arc of inclusion is trending towards togetherness.

This also shows just how far we have come. So, the time will come for Eid as well – because the door has been opened for Diwali.

And if it’s that important for you, why don’t you start advocating for that now. I hear it took almost two decades of hard work by some people to get Diwali recognised as a holiday. Instead of complaining here like the little dayan that you are – which serves no purpose other than providing evidence of how much of a whinger you are – why don’t you go agitate for Eid. We are all right behind you.

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