Meat market

RUCHI LAMBA works out the bacon-fish from the sausage animal, but despite these tantalizing tastes, veg is the winner

A rose by any other name

Changing a label doesn’t change reality, writes MALLI IYER

Funny side up: Royal babies

Royal babies

It’s a ‘Modi’fied India…

… where a thousand lotuses bloom, writes LP. AYER. "NaMo wants to talk to you"

When Trump plays his hand …

LP AYER casts a humorous look at what life would be like in America under Donald Trump

Over the hill

Ready or not, getting teased before a big birthday sets one up for facing a mid-life crisis, writes SANAM SHARMA

Preferred position

LP. AYER outlines what our global leaders stand up for on the inaugural Yoga Day

Over the hill…?

I have an older relative who is 65 and recently has started using profanity after a lifetime of BBC English

Queen-size resolutions

The Queen, Julia Gillard and Miley Cyrus reminisce on the year that was and pen their hopes for the new year. By LP Ayer

Mums be like…

Have you noticed how mums say the most hilarious things, even if they don’t mean to?