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GOPIO Sydney’s charity endeavours are helping to make a difference

Since its inception in September 2008, GOPIO Sydney North West (NW) chapter has initiated various relief programs, such as relief for victims of the Nepal earthquake and the floods in Fiji.
The Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) is a non-profit, charitable and community services organisation inclined towards assisting local and international people of Indian origin. Its active involvement in philanthropic activities has garnered the appreciation of communities across cultures.

“We endeavour to foster multiculturalism between Indians in Australia as well as other countries in the world. We strive with the sole purpose of helping others who are in need,” says Harmohan Singh Walia, also known as Harry Walia.
Harry, who is also a founding member of GOPIO in Australia, is a strong community leader. He serves as the chairperson on Bylaws, Policies and Procedures for the GOPIO committee (worldwide).
In 2010, the GOPIO Sydney North West chapter launched ‘Caring and Sharing’, an annual charity event to raise funds for underprivileged primary and middle school students in India.
GOPIO uses the funds to procure and distribute warm clothes, shoes, clean drinking facilities, furniture and sports equipment for those in dire need of assistance.
In just over half a decade they have raised over $20,000 and aided over 2000 underprivileged school children in the remote areas of Punjab and Haryana, India.
The sixth consecutive Caring and Sharing event, recently hosted in Blacktown, attracted a large number of patrons and over 400 guests.
As part of the cultural entertainment, Dhamma Yoga Blacktown, Supersohnis, CK Performing Arts, Virasat Folk Academy, Mystik Bollywood, Preet Sargam, Robina and Bhangra dancers all gave outstanding performances.
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The proceeds of this charity dinner were donated to two schools in the district of Firozepur in Punjab, India. The GOPIO Sydney North West chapter thanked guests for their generosity and unwavering support.
“What inspires us is the thought of giving back to the community in whatever capacity possible. We support locals in need through funds or through moral support,” Harry Walia says.
In Sydney, the team has done a lot of work to create awareness in the community. It has supported old age-care facility RAINS, and has provided relief to victims of bushfires in the Blue Mountains.
It has financially aided a young widow in Australia and an underprivileged cancer patient in India.
GOPIO has also donated funds to a young high school student in India to acquire prosthetic limbs. The young boy belonged to a poor family who also lost their bread earner in an accident.
GOPIO members are tasked with visiting schools in remote areas of India and hand delivering goods and resources to less privileged children. They evaluate every opportunity where care, help and support may be offered to individuals locally and internationally.
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The GOPIO Sydney NW team are a bunch of motivated individuals that include GOPIO President Prof. Balkar Kang and Secretary Sumit Joshi along with Neeru Singh, Aman Singh, Amrit Buttar, Tia Singh, Harmohan Walia, Baljinder Singh, Paramjit Multani, Raj Singh, Baljit Pelia, Jaswinder Singh Sandhu, Sanjit Hooda and Ravi Singh who are all dedicated to their work in social need projects.

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