Bridal beauty countdown

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Tips on how to prepare your skin and hair for your wedding day

It is important to look after your skin and hair all the time, but even more so when you are getting married. You need to start taking care of yourself well before your wedding day arrives. That way, you will look your best at every function and ceremony.
If you are not one for plans, make notes and lists. Judiciously break down your different outfits and ceremonies, and the look you want to have at each. Even if you’re only a guest, you can still follow these basic guidelines to ensure you’re at your prime.
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Five months to go

Firstly, monitor your diet. Go on a detox plan and once a week flush the toxins from your body to improve your skin. If you think you need to lose some weight or tone up a particular body part, now is the time to start working on those problem areas.

Four months  

Continue with a diet and exercise regime until the wedding day. Start planning your wardrobe now and the look you want. If you have already organised a make-up artist and hair stylist, arrange a meeting between them and your designer. If you have already bought your clothes for the various functions, ask your hair and makeup team to come over and try out a few looks with the outfits. Without going into full make-up and hair, these professionals can look at the clothes and suggest what colours and hairstyles will work. You can always tweak things around on the day of the function itself, but it is always good to have an idea of what the complete look will be. Do this for every function you will be having.
Keep trimming your hair and have regular hot oil massages and deep conditioning treatments to keep it healthy.
Bridal Beauty Countdown.Indian Link

Three months

Your clothes have been sorted, you have a general idea about make-up and hairstyles, so what next? Look after the specifics – skin and hair.
Avoid any kind of experimenting with haircuts or highlights. Go with what you know works for you. It is best not to alter the length of your hair this close to the wedding, as it will impact the looks you have planned with your hair stylist.
Condition your hair with leave-in conditioners, avoid hair dryers and unnecessary chemical treatments. For your skin, go to your trusted beautician, indulge in some deep cleansing facials and moisturising masks. Avoid going out in the sun too much. If you must, remember to use plenty of sunscreen.
Bridal Beauty Countdown.Indian Link

Two months

Make sure you have your last trim before the wedding. If you colour your hair to cover greys, get a full head colour treatment. That way, closer to your wedding day, you only need to go in for a touch up of the roots which will save on time.
Start making appointments with your make-up artist and hair stylist to ensure they will be present on your wedding day. If necessary, go to the salon one afternoon and try out different hairstyles to see what suits you. If you already have your jewellery with you, this is an especially good idea. Sometimes, an accessory can change the way you look with your hair tied up or left loose.
Look up global trends in make-up and hair and follow them if you want to look contemporary. Though, if it is a traditional Indian wedding, it is safer to go with the colours that work best with your outfits.

Bridal Beauty Countdown.Indian Link

One Month

Time to stop eating out, no more junk food and a strict exercise routine should be maintained. You don’t want to risk acne, break outs on the skin or an upset stomach.
A skin and hair care routine that includes cleansing-toning-moisturising, and moisturising the hands and feet must be maintained.

One week

Stop the facials and massages as it is too close to the big day (and you will probably be busy with other stuff anyway). Eat healthy and look after your skin and hair. Drink lots of water through the week so your skin looks fresh and moisturised.
Remember to stay relaxed and enjoy your big day!

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