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Nalin narang Film WHO The visionary women of Indonesia

Nalin Narang’s film on vision wins WHO award

  Every minute, one person in Indonesia goes blind - a staggering reality unveiled in the opening of Nalin Narang’s new film, which recently earned...

Veena Sashikumar: Championing autism awareness

  Veena Sashikumar was told, five minutes after walking into a paediatrician’s office, that her daughter would never walk or talk, and that she would...
Barry O’Farrell on Four Corners report

Barry O’Farrell on Four Corners report: ‘Potential damage to Ind-Aus ties’

  Pawan Luthra: What did you think of the Four Corners report 'Infiltrating India'? Barry O’Farrell: The ABC’s charter is that it should be fair and...
cover image for the ABC's Four Corners report 'Infiltrating Australia'

Four Corners’ ‘Infiltrating Australia: India’s Secret War’

A nest of spies.  Allegations of government-assisted assassinations. Infiltration of political organisations. Phone threats against individuals. A James Bond plot? No, just Four Corners...
Prof. Sabarathnam Prathapan OAM

Prof. Prathapan OAM: King’s Birthday Honours 2024

  Prof. Sabarathnam Prathapan of Lyons, Northern Territory, was recognised in the King’s Birthday Honours this year for his service to tertiary education and to...
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