Australian Summer Checklist


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We may love to hate on the scorching Aussie summer, but every year as December rolls around, out come the classics: thongs, beach blankets, standing fans and more. This summer, we have decided to embrace the clichés! Here’s the ultimate checklist of all the amusing moments you’re bound to encounter – how many can you cross out?

1. Shuffled barefoot across the hot road, saying “ow ow ow” for added effect

2. Announced “It’s bloody hot” to no one in particular

3. Fought off seagulls while trying to finish your plate of hot chips

4. Checked the temperature before deciding your day’s outfit (just in case!)

a view of sydney's opera house on an australian summer day

5. Gone window shopping just to enjoy the air con in the shops

6. Said “Hot day, isn’t it?” while trying to make small talk with the shop assistant

7. Stopped at a 7-Eleven for a cold drink or a Slurpee

8. Accidentally ate a bug (perhaps more than once…?)

9. Parked further away from your destination if it means the blessing of parking in the shade

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10. Enjoyed a good ol’ barbie at the beach or park

11. Spent all day in the water, only leaving for food (or beer!)

12. Tossed and turned all night in a pool… of your own sweat

13. Forgot to put enough sunscreen and got sunburned

14. OR slathered on sunscreen multiple times an hour in fear of sunburn

15. Stayed indoors all day with the blinds closed, hoping it helps

a surfboard and fan inside a room

16. Announced “We needed this” on the odd rainy day

17. Carried around sunscreen, an umbrella, and a jacket – because you never know!

18. Suffered the real Australian tragedy: a broken thong on a day out

19. Had the air con (or fan) on all day long

20. Been branded by the heat of your seatbelt

21. Considered wearing gloves or mitts to avoid the scorching steering wheel

22. Bought at least one fan from KMart that you didn’t think you’d need

23. Cooled off with a garden hose (maybe even sneaking in a sip and praying no one saw?)

a woman enjoying water coming out a hose on a hot summer day

24. Planned your travel down to the exact minute of your bus/ train to avoid time in the sun

25. Cursed at bus/ train that didn’t have air con

26. On public transport, checked your seat for sweat stains after sitting for too long (don’t worry, we’ve been there!)

27. After devouring a plate of mangoes, said “They taste better in India”

28. Went for post-dinner walk at the beach to watch the sun set

29. Debated whether it’s best to sleep with the window open and endure the bugs, or sleep with it closed and endure the heat

30. Complained about the heat to friends and family in India – though you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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