Aussie hair care brand enters Indian market

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Australian hair care brand Kevin Murphy has forayed into the Indian hair care market

India is a unique market where people want to express who they are through how they look. Recognising this, Australian hair care brand Kevin Murphy has entered the Indian market in association with its franchise partner Headstart.
Kevin Murphy.Indian Link
Two educators from Australia, including Nathan Gorman who is the Head Master and Design Director, Asia Pacific and Middle East; and Wade Blackford, Style Master and Primary Educator, Asia Pacific and Middle East are in India to launch the brand both in Delhi and Mumbai.
During the four-day launch, the hair maestros will not only be showcasing the expert styling techniques they rely on but also shedding light on the products’ benefits.

“Getting to know the market is very important to brand Kevin Murphy. We believe that fashion is becoming quite global but we also believe that each market has its own idiosyncrasies that we need to understand to provide better service,” Blackford said.

“This is my third time coming to India and I have noticed in this amount of time that when I’ve gone out for dinners… That a lot of women have gotten shorter haircuts and layers in their hair. So it’s not about long straight hair all the time,” he added.
Kevin Murphy.Indian Link
Gorman is also excited about the India launch of the brand.
“I think each country is very unique and has its uniqueness but also in India and the world there is a concept of individual styling where people want to express who they are through how they look. For example, someone might be an Indian woman but she would like to express herself as a different version when she goes out, stays at home and so on. And this is becoming more and more important nowadays,” he said.

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