All white, all right

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If you’re bored with your day-to-day black eyeliner, why not try white eyeliner!

white eye liner.Indian Link
Go for cats eye or double liner look, here are some ways to wear white eye make-up.

*Wear a white cat’s eye

All of us wear winged eye liners on a daily basis. Let’s take a twist with our choice of eye liner colours for cat’s eye look.
White is also the colour to wear to brighten up your face in gloomy weather. Add lots of mascara to add volume to your lashes. Sport this with a clean skin look (no contour, blush). If you want to add another colour to this block, wear a bold orange matte lipstick. Keep your skin sheer and glowing. White eye liner itself will do the job. If you are all in for going out and shining bright, sport a silver metallic eye liner instead.

*Classic with a twist

Punctuate a classic black cat eye by outlining the tip of the flick with an ultra-thin white line. Unexpected and subtle.

*Sport a double liner look for those who love creativity

Draw a winged black eye liner on the top rim and outline it with shimmery white eye liner on top, directly above the black. This contrast of white on top of black will illuminate the black line so it appears even bolder.
white eyeliner.Indian Link

*Rid yourself of redness

Eliminate any redness in your eyes by adding white eyeliner along the bottom waterline.


*White is a good choice to wear on eyes as shadow

Pick a frosty white eye liner and softly blend it on your eye lid. This brightens up your eyes. Add lots of mascara for giving volume to your lashes. Wear a coral gloss on lips and a dewy skin that looks radiant. If you want a little drama add false lashes to the look.
For a minimalist look, add white frosty eye shadow on the inner corner (tear drop) of your eyes. This brightens up the eyes and makes it look even brighter. Add mascara and/or black eye liner for giving definition to the eyes.

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