Shiva’s boon

The power of prayer and faith manifests itself into reality for the true believer in this spiritual short story by RANI JHALA

Mr Darcy dreaming…

Jane Austin would applaud a turn of events that moves from fiction to reality. A short story by RANI JHALA   Last year I turned thirty. I was unmarried and worse, had no prospect of...

Driving to relax? As if!

Getting behind the wheel can be quite a traumatic experience, writes RANI JHALA My friend and I got our driving licences on the same day. She gave up driving two years later, after getting seriously...

A life for a life

After seventy years, forgiveness brings a great reward and an even greater gift. By L P AYER.

I envy you, your moment

When a partner is a true friend one can want nothing more in life, reveals this poignant short story by RANI JHALA


A simple symbol can become a powerful element that helps one discover the soul and understand divinity. By RANI JHALA “Come,my child,” Ma said as she led the way. I took my first step as...

The joy of freedom

These children will have to step out of the comfort of unity to create their individual turfs, writes RANI JHALA Two years had passed since the birth of our children. Born on the same...

The Virtual Robin Hood

Juggling the roles of mischievous blackmailers and socialist criminals, two disgruntled youth find a way to satiate their material and moral cravings, writes RANI JHALA My name is best left a secret, for if...

The domain of the seniors

Call it changed priorities or different appetite for life, all our seniors want is some empathy and freedom to live at their own pace,  says RANI JHALA Sixty-five, that magical number that I had...

Virtual world, real dangers

Social networking can be a blessing and a threat, as we move increasingly into a world of unseen and sometimes dubious communication By RANI JHALA Every friend of mine was on the ‘network’: praising its...
HT vs BP
BP won by 14 runs(VJD method-Match reduced to 15 ovs due to rain, target 113)
Man of the Match: Anand Doddamani
Karnataka Premier League, 2017
Eng won by 7 wkts (Match reduced to 42 ovs per side due to wet outfield)
Man of the Match: Jonny Bairstow
West Indies tour of England, 2017