Vanhi, now and then

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A family were crushed when leukaemia took their 2-year-old daughter, Vanhi. A tribute to little Vanhi, by her older sister VIDHI KAUSHIK, 5

Vanhi! You are a life time gift.
You are the best sister ever.
I will never trade you never.

Vanhi’s second birthday

But why did you go.
We can never forget your last day,
At least you came back to us right away.
Mum, dad and I can’t stop crying.
Why did you leave?
Now we are left here to grieve.
But your return is helping us to breathe.
Stay with us forever, four of us together, that’s all we need.

For you to come back was a miracle.
Now that you are here everything is in its place.
It’s just that we will never be back to our pace.
The moment you went, I sank to my feet.
I didn’t realise what happened, not a thing.
But suddenly I had an idea, ‘Bing!’
I sent you a message to come back.
Then you gave me the answer in my heart.
That you will come back from the exact same path.
Vanhi’s second birthday celebration in the hospital.

I love you Vanhi.
You were and you are as beautiful as a blossom.
You were and you are as soft as cotton.      
I love you and I will always love you, from top to bottom.                              
16 April 2013 – 9 July 2015

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