Trump rejects broccoli samosa (So we announce a contest!)

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Would you eat a broccoli samosa?

No thank you, you say? Right!

There’s been a brouhaha about the Trumps ‘not touching’ anything from the special high tea prepared for them on their recent India trip – it was all vegetarian and included that fusion attempt at the humble samosa.

Award-winning chef Suresh Khanna reportedly invented the preparation for his high-profile guests as they visited Mahatma Gandhi’s home in Ahmedabad, Sabarmati Ashram.

The guests had already caused something of a stir, given the US President reportedly has no palate for vegetarian food, so you’d expect the chef to take great pains. Well, he did apparently: he created a menu featuring Gujarati delicacy khaman, said samosa, and apple pie. That last one was intended to add a touch of familiarity, but no, it did not go down well.

Are we surprised? Indian Twitter wasn’t. And now #Broccoli Samosa has become a thing.

Deepal Trivedi, a local journalist who as at the presidential high tea, tweeted: “The #BroccoliSamosa is a miserable snack. Not a single person finished a full one! Wish there was something genuinely Indian for high tea rather than this bastardised version
of our #yummy samosa.”

Rachita Prasad, another Indian journalist, said: “#BroccoliSamosa is NOT a samosa” and added, “If you change a samosa’s fillings, you are playing with feelings!”

Others wondered whether the broccoli samosa would prove to be a deal-breaker in Indo-US talks.

But one Twitter user Mindy Robinson concluded, “At least there’s one thing in the world we can finally all agree on noted!”

Wonder if Gandhiji would have relished a broccoli samosa…

Indian Link’s BROCCOLI SAMOSA CONTESTPrizes to be won!

The call goes out to home cooks, hobby cooks, Chefs, MasterChefs, restaurants, fusion foodies. Cook us a Broccoli Samosa that’s good enough to feed a president!

Email digital@indianlink.com.au to register your interest. More details coming soon.

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