State of Nostalgia: Uttarakhand

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Neelam shares her memories of Uttarakhand

The enchanting natural beauty of my homeland holds a special place in my heart! The Kumaon Hills, nestled in the arms of the majestic Himalayas, are blessed by nature, with an alluring and diverse flora and fauna, scenic and spectacular landscapes, magnificent glaciers, holy mountains, rivers and beautiful hill stations.

Kumaon Hills- Uttarakhand
Kumaon Hills- Uttarakhand

The turquoise waters of Nainital’s lakes, its dense forests, the terraced farms on the slopes, twisting roads, the tigers at Jim Corbett National Park, the trekking trails… I love the astounding beauty, adventure and mystical bliss of it all. Add to this the simplicity, warmth and affection of the tranquil Pahaadi folks!

Neelam Bisht Vasudevan Radio presenter (Melbourne)

Writer: Neelam (Uttarakhand)
Writer: Neelam (Uttarakhand)

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