State of Nostalgia: Manipur



Prithiviraj shares his memories of Manipur

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Manipur, also known as “The Switzerland of India” has long been a hidden jewel. Its beauty lies in the serene landscapes, exotic wildlife, vibrant culture, adventurous people and exotic cuisines.

Its rich flora and fauna cannot be ignored: the Sangai, a rare and endangered subspecies of brow-antlered deer is found only here, as is the Shirui Lily, a rare flower which grows only in the Shirui Hills.

A cultural stand-out is its traditional dance forms, ranging from Raas Lila to Tangkhul Naga Dance.

Manipur is also the birthplace of the modern polo game. It is a sporting power house of India, being home to the legendary boxer MC Mary Kom. In the Rio Olympic Games 2016, six Manipuri players are part of the Indian team.

Prithiviraj Potsangbam IT Professional (Sydney)

Manipur.Indian Link