REVIEW: Feels Like Home (Lionsgate Play)

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Real and relatable characters with coming-of-age experiences is the crux of this show. ‘Feels Like Home’ is a series about four boys who move into their first house away from their families. Each one has his fair share of reasons for doing so and they find themselves dealing with life without any support except from each other.


  • Director: Sahir Raza
  • Cast: Preet Kammani, Anshuman Malhotra, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, Himika Bose and Inayat Sood
  • Rating: ***1/2

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Lionsgate Play comes with its third original series, which is completely different from the last two. Each episode of this show is rooted in reality with certain premises built upon elements of farce. Parties with crazy settings, a pet iguana, a lesbian wedding, girlfriend and daddy issues, and a finale that celebrates friendship. The series stars Prit Kamani (Preet Kammani), Vishnu Kaushal, Anshuman Malhotra, Mihir Ahuja, Inayat Sood and Himika Bose.

A brand-new take on bromance features Preet Kammani as Lakshay Kochhar, who is raised by a single mother and believes in adding some levity to every situation to make it fun and bearable. He is someone who is the centre of every party, mess-up, break-up and hook-up. On the surface, he is quite a thick-skinned Delhi boy, but deep down he’s caring and sensitive. Preet brings emotions to the forefront and tackles his character well.

Anshuman Malhotra as Sameer is the reasonable voice of the group. He is calm and collected, writes poetry but his personal life is in shambles; he hates his father, can’t admit to his girlfriend / friend that he is scared to perform in front of a crowd, and has an imaginary person with whom he talks and interacts. A complicated character portrayed well by Anshuman.

Vishnu Kaushal as Avinash, he wants everything to be perfect. He is hyper, confused and doesn’t know anything until it is too late. He has been thrown out of the hostel and ends up with the boys in their home. Vishnu debuts with ‘Feels Like Home’, but those who know this influencer would love to see this side of him on the show.

Mihir Ahuja plays Akhil Gandhi, an import from Ghana, who wishes to be the best cricketer of India. He is a sweet and sensible boy, who slowly turns into the pet of the house. As he finds his place not just in Delhi but among the boys, we get to know him as the kind, loyal and extremely unfiltered person that he is. Mihir is a promising actor and showcases his character to the tee.

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Each episode will be standalone, with moments of growth for the characters, etched into the themes that the makers have set out to tackle. The overall story arc of growth is well mapped out. Four different personalities living under one roof find themselves dealing with love, life, parents, education, relationships and learning some of the important lessons in life.

The dysfunctional boys gang might be a little loud and crazy, but there are some tender moments that take you by surprise, and the situations are very relatable. Despite having different opinions and takes on life, the boys walk through parties, emotions, fights, drama, family issues and personal journeys, standing by each other. ‘Feels Like Home’ is a real, funny, tender and relatable show that will connect with the audience.


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