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How a personal stylist can help you optimise your wardrobe

Making the perfect first impression is really important. Whether it’s for that job interview, a networking event or even a weekend brunch, how you present is critical and this has a lot to do with what you wear.

I am a strong believer in what Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man” (or woman)! I can confidently say that everyone reading this has faced a style dilemma more than a couple of times in the past three months. I repeatedly hear: “I have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing appropriate to wear”; or “I have way too many boring clothes” or “I really need more ideas on what to wear with this top/pant/dress.” Getting stuck in a style rut is common and may feel depressing, but there is a super easy solution to this – engaging a personal stylist.

Smart casual style: Navy sweater, blue jeans, pink snood, and brown tote

A personal styling experience will give you great insight into how fashionable outfits can be created by working with clothes and accessories you already own. Getting an expert to go through your clothes can be extremely helpful in deciding what works for your personality and lifestyle. You will be surprised to see the different combinations a stylist can put together for you, some of which you probably never thought of wearing, yet together they look fabulous on you.

In a typical wardrobe consultation session, a personal stylist can also help you de-clutter by suggesting some of the clothes that you could possibly donate or give away and help identify the gaps. At the end of the session, you can also get a personalised digital look-book of outfit combinations for easy reference. You will finish the session feeling satisfied and confident, armed with the perfect outfit for every occasion – work, weekend or parties.

A different look: Black tee, stripe skirt, black tall boots, checked scarf and structured bag


I recently completed a wardrobe consultation with Dimple. She already has a great sense of style and some interesting and trendy pieces in her wardrobe.

In our two and a half hour session, I put together work, weekend and party outfits for Dimple from what she already had in her wardrobe. The outfits look fabulous on her because they are personalised based on her lifestyle, personality and individual style goals.

A formal work look: Red dress, grey blazer, red pumps, silk scarf and structured bag

A smart casual work look: Mustard sweater, dark blue jeans, long necklace, leopard flats and structured bag

Weekend wear: Black tee, smoke colour ripped jeans, grey snood, lace up boots and brown cross body bag

For the weekend: Printed sweater, grey jeans, tall boots, cross body bag and beanie

Party time: Black tee, striped skirt, tall coots, statement accessories and chain linked cross body bag

To book your own personal styling experience, contact Kalyani at klasstyle@gmail.com or on 0403 564 070

Kalyani Wakhare
Kalyani Wakhare
An architect by training and a fashion blog writer by passion, I equally love my day job of being a mum. I am a shopaholic, bargain hunter and trend spotter. The next best thing to shopping for me is styling or writing and reading all about fashion!

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